Custom Walk In Closets And Walk In Closet Design Company

Usually, when people do a remodel or renovation on their home, a primary consideration is whether it will add resale value. That’s not a primary concern when adding a custom walk-in closet. This space is personal and explicitly designed to accommodate the homeowner’s needs and desires.

Still, a custom closet walk-in, if quality designed, is considered a bonus in the realty market despite being custom suited to a specific homeowner’s taste.

The most common sort of closet seen in most homes is a “reach-in” or “wall” option with a depth typically ranging from roughly 24″ and approximately 60″ long. A walk-in doesn’t necessarily consume more square footage in the house compared to the larger reach-in; the way the two are shaped is different.

Let’s look at a few factors that need to be considered before working with a closet design company.

What Needs To Be Considered Before Working With A Custom Walk-In Closet Design Company

One priority when working with a walk-in closet design company is to ensure you have an idea of the layout you intend and the way you believe you’ll use the space. In this way, the designer can establish an appropriate scheme. Find out how to create a custom closet with this guide at

Poor communication between designer and homeowner will result in a preliminary result that creates headaches down the road. Needs will not ultimately be met, with concessions having to be made to make it work. How can you prepare? Let’s learn.

  • How much authentic space is available

Will the space that is currently used as a closet work for the new design? If not, will you be able to sacrifice square footage to be added to the closet? A custom walk-in creates many luxuries, including the benefit of letting go of furnishings like conventional dressers and chests from the bedroom, freeing up space in that room that you could donate to the new area.

If your closet is not already a walk-in but has a room adjacent to the bedroom that you can transform, do that. The sky’s the limit with the design possibilities.

Organization is key

You’ll need to make the most of the space you have. Before starting with the designs, it’s vital to clean out your current closet to inventory the items that will go in the closet. Only keep what you actually use with the remaining items donated or gifted.

It’s much simpler when you know precisely what you have. You can then designate the amount of spaces you feel you might need and the variety. You might need a more extensive section of the closet to hold shoes or maybe a long block specifically for trench coats or smaller squares for scarves, purses, and accessories.

Perhaps you have some specialty pieces that need a specific slot all to themself. What will you need in your closet?

  • Will this be a shared space

If you divide a closet into a partner’s space, you’ll have to ensure that each person has input on how the design is configured. Everyone has a specific way they like to hang their clothes. No one person will do things the same as someone else even if they’re mates.

One of you might prefer to have slacks hanging straight to avoid lines, while the other might prefer the fold. Depending on the people shopping for the space, there will be an assortment of accessories.

Different accessories will need to be housed with precise specifications, such as necklaces to avoid tangling and cuff links to prevent the loss of one, same with earrings.

One person might donate a bit more space to the other based on who has more stuff. That will be determined when the inventory is taken. Generally, one person in a relationship has a slight tendency to overshop while the other is quite content being a minimalist.

Final Thought

A walk-in closet company can construct the closet of your dreams, and it doesn’t have to be expensive to be opulent. You can create that illusion at a far more budget-friendly price with a quality design and your imagination. Anything is possible – you just have to account for your needs.

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