With the advancement of technology, car keys are now more than just metal or plastic objects that you have to carry around. In fact, most modern cars use transponder keys which work only if they are close to the car. There are many types of lost car key situations and scenarios in which you feel helpless and try to find a way to solve the problem as soon. If you have lost your car key, there are 4 options available to you.

Call An Auto Locksmith

It will take longer to come but can cut off the locks leaving the damaged door handle and will be cheaper compared to other options. This is the best possible solution to get access to your vehicle is to call a locksmith and ask them to come over and open the car without damaging anything. This may cost you some money, for the car key replacement but this is an inexpensive option because it doesn’t involve any damage or harm done to the car.


Call a ‘Transponder’ Specialist 

This is very expensive but can save you time if you have a transponder key for your car (most likely newer cars), then what you can do is call a “transponder specialist”, the only problem with this option is that it’s expensive but will minimize time. A car transponder specialist can open your car with his unmatchable skill and experience in no time.

Call your Car Insurance Company 

When you call your Insurance provider then there are chances that they may pay for your situation, but only if you have taken additional cover on your comprehensive policy. There will be an excess amount which you have to pay before they can cut off the locks and open your car by a car locksmith. There are other ways also that may save your money; for example, if you have a tracking device installed on your mobile phone then the insurance company can track and find out your car location with a satellite navigation system.

Breaking the Window 

If you have lost your car key and found nothing helpful to unlock your car then you should try to open the car lock physically and damaging the locks or knocking off the whole door handle (not recommended) with force. But remember this should be the last and final step to get access to your car without keys.

If you have lost your car key, you will need a new one made by the mechanics. Your emergency helpline option will come and cut off the locks on your door leaving your door handle damaged. The transponder specialist can use special electronic equipment to program a new key so that it works with your car and has to be more expensive than the other options. The car insurance company will pay for the damage to your door handle, but only if you have taken out additional coverage on a comprehensive policy.

If there is no other option available in your area, then the best option is probably to call an emergency helpline with the hope that they can come quickly. 

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