Blue Haven: Things to Consider Before You Build a Pool

Have you been dreaming of the pool? So have we. Now that most people have to stay at home, it is the best time to make your home the ultimate staycation spot. 

And what better time to develop a pool than now? If you start now, you can build your swimming pool in time for the sweltering summer afternoons. However, building a swimming pool is not easy. There are certain factors that you must keep in mind before taking on such a project.

Furthermore, constructing a swimming pool is quite an investment. There are many options available, from the pool design to the installation. But before we talk about that, let’s think about why you must build a pool in the first place.

Why Get A Pool?

There are many reasons to construct a pool on your property. First of all, a swimming pool can make it easier for you to spend quality time with your family. Secondly, it can encourage you to lose weight and become active. Third, it is an excellent investment to improve the value of your home. Experts suggest that a pool can increase the value of the property by 15%.

Remember to get the help of an experienced pool builder. The easiest way to do so is by looking for contractors near you. How can I do that, you ask? With a simple google search! If you live in Atlanta, enter pool builders near me Atlanta GA on Google, and you will get a few options in mere seconds.

Keeping these things in mind, is it any wonder why people get swimming pools? Now that you are sure about the value of having a swimming pool, it is time to talk about specifics.

  • Can You Build A Pool? 

The first step before you break ground is to think about the logistics. Get to know about the zoning ordinances for properties in your area. Most cities have strict by-laws on who can build a pool and how they can build it. Do the legwork by going through your local government website to get to know more about it. Take a look at the geotechnical engineering report before you decide on the pool. The conditions of your ground can also make it impossible to build a plunge pool. Do soil tests to get a clear idea about the suitability of the site.

  • Why Are You Getting A Pool?

The dimensions of your swimming pool will depend on your answer to this question. If you want to use it for exercise, then you might want to get a larger one. But, if it is for your kids, then get a simpler model.

  • Can You Afford It?

Getting a new pool is an expensive business. Therefore, you must have a clear budget in mind before embarking on the project. Have a realistic expectation of what you want to build and how much it will cost. A simple pool may cost anything between $55,000 to $35,000. Added features like heating, landscaping, and decking may make the project even more expensive. Since swimming pools require maintenance, you must remember to add the ongoing costs of keeping the water clean ad safe.

  • What About The Site?

The construction will depend on the location of your pool. Your local council may have regulations about the pool fencing requirements and building regulations. So factor those in before you make your final decision. Other things, such as the view of the pool and sun exposure, can affect where you put the pool. You might want to think about the wind exposure and the location of the filtration equipment as well.

  • Do You Want To Build It Above Or Below The Ground?

Pools can be in-ground or above-ground. Both options have their pros and cons. But, if you want a permanent swimming pool, then you should opt for an in-ground pool. Above-ground options are better for steep locations, and their construction is relatively cheap. You might also get a premade, above-ground pool. Most of them are easy to assemble, and they are best for rentals.

  • Which Materials Should I Use?

There are three types of pools you can choose from; vinyl-lined, fiberglass, or concrete. Vinyl pools have a flexible liner that is attached to a steel wall for durability. Comparatively, an inground concrete pool is the most durable option. Another advantage of getting a concrete pool is that you can personalize many features. You can choose any finishing, ranging from pebbles to tiles. However, concrete pools are expensive compared to vinyl and fiberglass pools. Fiberglass composite pools are pre-assembled, so they only have to be set above ground. Therefore, these pools are best suited for earthquake-prone places.

  • Do You Want Any Special Features?

You can opt for special features to enhance the beauty of your pool. With the right lighting, a late-night swim can become the most magical experience. You also might want to add lighting to make sure the swimming pool is visible from the house to avoid any accidents. Other features are underwater benches or swim-up bars.

  • Who Will Build It?

Now that you know which pool you want to construct, it is time to think about who will do it. We suggest getting an expert to do the heavy lifting for you. So, ask round for references from people who already have pools. Asking for personal recommendations is the best way to find an excellent pool builder. Or you can go on the internet and find the constructor for you. Once you get the right builder, ask for a quote for the project. Then compare the price with other companies.

  • What Are The Common Mistakes You Should Avoid?

The most common mistake pool owners make is that they choose the wrong location for the swimming pool. The pool should have enough sunlight for sunbathing. But it should not be directly in front of the sun. Furthermore, it is better to forego the diving board. Diving boards are a waste of money since people never use them. They can also be dangerous for kids, so it is better to avoid them. Try not to cut corners on finishing touches since it can end up costing you more in the long run. Lastly, do not think that pool construction is a small task. It requires much patience, and there is much chaos in such projects.


Getting a pool is no easy task. There are many decisions to make and many ways it can all go haywire. Therefore, it is better to be cautious every step of the way. A pool is a lifelong investment, so it is better to build the perfect swimming pool.