Patio Or Pergola: Which Is Best For Your Home?

Are you thinking of sprucing up your outdoor space? If you are, you should know that a variety of options are available to you. The two most popular options are patios and pergolas since they offer functionality and aesthetics that benefit your home.   

But before choosing, you must consider which matches your needs and preferences. The patio is an outdoor living space that can be made using concrete, brick, stone, and other materials. It can be attached to your home or be a standalone structure with the potential of being customized.  

On the other hand, a pergola can either be freestanding or attached and consists of columns or posts that support a roof. But unlike patios, pergolas are often used as a decorative element or as a shaded area for outdoor activities.   

Both options are great for outdoor spaces, but knowing which will work best for your home is important. To do so, you should contact professionals like those in Northwest Exteriors. These professionals will take you through the steps of constructing whichever option you want to create.  

But before that, consider the points below to help you make an informed decision.   

Patio Or Pergola


Patios are outdoor living spaces normally made of concrete, stone, or pavers. They’re often flat surfaces ideal for dining, entertaining, or lounging. But before deciding to settle on patios, you should consider the following:   

  • Purpose  

As seen above, a patio will provide an outdoor space for various activities. This option is great if you’re looking for a space to enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable and inviting setting without needing to leave home. If you want to utilize it as an extension of your living room, you can integrate patio furniture to create a cozy vibe.  

  • Climate 

The climate where you reside can impact the functionality and longevity of your patio. If you live in areas with high humidity or frequent rain, a patio might be a great option as it provides stability and protection to your outdoor space.  

If you’re worried about the climate, consider selecting the right materials and design for your patio. These materials can make your patio withstand the local weather conditions, minimize maintenance requirements, and maximize the functionality and longevity of your outdoor living space.   

  • Budget  

The cost of making a patio can vary depending on factors like the size, materials used, location, and the complexity of the design. Patios can be cheaper than pergolas as they need fewer construction materials.   

However, if you want to customize it and add more details, remember that the construction cost may rise. Therefore, it’ll be great to consult with your contractor, who can help you determine the best option for your budget.   

  • Maintenance  

The ease of patio maintenance depends on the materials and design. For instance, if you settle for concrete patios, their maintenance will be relatively low compared to those with intricate designs and made of natural materials like wood.   

In addition, the maintenance of your patio depends on the climate and exposure to the elements. But regardless of its form or material, a patio can benefit from regular care to ensure its functionality and aesthetics.   


Unlike patios, pergolas are structures consisting of four vertical columns and a roof with beams. They’re commonly made of wood, metal, or both depending on your preference. A pergola can be designed in various styles to fit your home’s aesthetic.  

Below are some things to consider before getting a pergola installed.   

  • Purpose  

The main purpose of a pergola is to provide both shade and shelter. This feature makes the pergola a favorite outdoor element as it allows an open-air feel without being constrained by walls. Moreover, because of its numerous customization options, you can use it to create a focal point in your garden.   

  • Climate  

A pergola is best suited for warmer climates where shade is of importance. Since most pergolas are wood, they might not withstand heavy rain or snow. But to survive such climates, you should do proper maintenance to avoid rot or insects.   

  • Budget  

Pergolas might be more expensive than patios because they need more construction materials and labor. The cost might also be affected by the design and size you need. If you’re going for a more sophisticated design and high-quality materials, you should allocate more money to your budget.   

Although pergolas are more costly compared to patios, they offer more functionality. Add seating, lighting, and different accessories to increase aesthetics.   

  • Maintenance  

Generally, pergolas may require more maintenance than patios as they’re normally made of wood or other materials more susceptible to weathering and aging.  

However, it’s important to note that the maintenance needed for the pergola will depend on the specific materials used and the climate. So, if you don’t mind routine maintenance, a pergola will be a great choice.   

Bottom Line  

Ultimately, choosing between a patio or a pergola depends on your preferences. A patio will be ideal if you want a durable, low-maintenance outdoor living space that can be integrated into your home’s design. Pergolas, however, is perfect for adding visual interest and creating a space with shelter and shade. Consulting with a professional landscaper or architect is better if you want to make the best decision.