10 Tips to Redesign Your Bedroom on a Budget

Budget often tends to determine the outlook of your home, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. Bedrooms must look immaculate and meticulous at all times, and if you don’t want to break the bank and still revive your bedroom, you need to be a little bit creative. And enhance your image as well! So, how to transform a seemingly timid bedroom and make it look refreshed, serene, extravagant, and expensive at the same time? Here are some of the most luxurious ideas to upscale the look of your bedroom without having to resort to borrowing money. 

1. Revive the walls with eclectic paint 

Those who are on a tight budget can do something bold and innovative to make the bedroom look and feel brighter and more elegant. Embrace all the modern cosmopolitan wall hues such as emerald, purple, navy blue, or pinks. These eclectic paint colors can instantly make any room look like a million-dollar mansion. On the other hand, if you are not so keen on bold colors for the walls, you can get some inexpensive earthy-inspired paint colors to just freshen up the walls. This will make the bedroom look clean and sleek, which is also a valid transformation to ordinary rooms. Instead of hiring professionals to do the paintwork, watch a quick painting tutorial and try out a DIY task of painting the bedroom yourself. This will help you save money and let you focus the buck on some other items. 

2. Lush up the pillows 

Regardless of the design of the bedroom and overall apparel, you need a place where you could unwind and, to say the least, get a good night’s sleep. Besides the aesthetics of the bedroom, you need plush and quality bedding, but above all, you need to get comfortable linen pillows. First of all, silk is overrated and ultra-expensive, and linen pillows deliver perfect breathability and comfort that you can only dream off. Literally! Don’t hesitate to overstuff your linen pillows and fancy throw cushions so that the bed looks utterly high-end. You can play with size and shape to make the sleeping pillows seem even more luxurious. However, replacing dated pillows with lofty, thick, and opulent ones is the easiest (and cheapest) way to redesign your bedroom. 

3. Focus on statement pieces 

Decorative items don’ have to be expensive. Believe it or not, you can find some flabbergasting furniture pieces and statement items that don’t cost a fortune. Visit some thrift shops, flea and street markets, explore antique shops to find a rustic leather chair or worn-out but chic bedside tables. You can place focus on the bed if you can span your budget, or just pool your money into a gorgeous, mahogany bed frame and then get a second-class mattress. If you own a vintage chandelier, you can invest in sanding and repainting it so you could update the bedroom with existing fail. Restore some of the key pieces that you already have, give them a new and fresh look, and you will have redesigned your bedroom in lavishing manner and save a lot of money. 

4. Add some textures and delicate accents

The quickest and most lucrative way to make a bedroom feel visually rich and gracious is to add texture. Bringing in a velvet plush throw blanket is the way to go, but you can get some other cute and effective textured accents that you can easily find in a bargain. Get a sleek faux fur throw on a side chair, or try to place a sheepskin rug just next to the floor to revive the entire apparel. If you were to place a beautiful rattan basket or stack up some delicate tassels on the embellished bedding, or even get boho-inspired accessories, you would make the bedroom more grandiose and majestic. 

5. Enliven the area with lush plants 

Plants have a majestic ability to make any space seem vivacious and luscious. If you were to place small succulents or lovely orchids, or some other Insta-worthy hanging plants, you will automatically revive your bedroom and make it look rich and refreshing. Adding fresh foliage and greeneries is an inexpensive but lush way to breathe in new and invigorating life into your bedroom. Only, whatever you do, don’t place fake plastic pants. No matter how dazzling they may look, they won’t bring energy and life back into the bedroom such as calming lavender and Aloe Vera plants. 

6. Clear out the clutter 

Sometimes the most luxurious way to upscale a bedroom is totally free! Those who wish to make their bedroom look eye-opening and stunning should do their best to clear out any clutter and mess lying around. Try not to have piled up on the floor or your nightstand, also, tries to put away all the items that don’t “belong” in the bedroom, even the TV. Technological “mess” is one of the worst bedroom culprits as it reaps you from a good night’s sleep. Plus, instead of having business papers on your bedside table, add a cute lamp, one book you want to rid of, and some fresh flowers. When the bedroom is clutter-free, clean, and organized, it will instantly look astounding and riveting. 

7. Update the lighting features 

Lighten up this special room by placing various lighting features. This is another inexpensive hack, but maximally effective. You don’t need to spend a fortune on buying a rare and spectacular lamp, on the contrary, get some fairy lights, wall-hung scones, timid string lights, or hanging festoons. You can even place vintage copper lanterns, or scavenge the second-hand store for an old-fashioned chandelier which will make a massive difference to the outlook of your bedroom by upscaling its value. Furthermore, simply replacing strong white bulbs with soft, warm, and textured yellow ones, will give out a swanky and expensive vibe in your bedroom. With a lamp that emits a relaxing yellow hue and with a sublime design, you will substantially transform your boudoir. 

8. Embrace the mirrors 

There are no limitations to what type of ornaments and accessories can you place and hang to accentuate the bedroom, however, hanging mirrors would be a true masterpiece. If you know where to look and search, you can find miraculous mirrors that can bring grace and elegance to your safe haven. If you own a plain mirror, a budget-friendly option would be to spruce it up a little and change it. Add brass frames or some other antique-inspired frames. Another secret is upgrading the mirrors and going for a vertical shape or something curvy that will open up the room. Large or small, mirrors bring refinement and class to any room. Only pay attention to the positioning. If you go for the single mirror, the greatest effect would be achieved if you place it above the bed. Consequently, if you wish to place two curved mirrors, for instance, you can hang them above the bedside tables. 

9. Place a riveting rug 

A floor cover might seem too much for some bedrooms, but they do represent a must-have luxurious piece. Besides being a quality underfoot, rugs are utterly fashionable and chic. Those on a tight budget might opt to get an area rug in a multitude of colors, patterns, and even, symbols. A rug can also serve as a perfect cover-up. If you have shabby and worn-out floors, tired-looking floorboards, a yellowing vinyl, with an adequate and cheap area rug, you can bombastically cover everything and at the same time have a jaw-dropping decorative item in your bedroom. Search the website to find some great deal, go to Ikea, Zara, or H&M Home to find good bargain rugs that look way sleek and delightful. Everybody will be asking how much have you paid for them, as all area rugs tend to appear larger, stupefying, and spacious. Rugs are cozy, easy to maintain, and if you were to get ones in eye-catching color they will surely upscale your bedroom’s value. 

10. Dress up the windows 

Every professional interior designer will tell you never to neglect the windows. Another very easy and inexpensive way to revive the windows. You don’t need to overstuff the bedroom with fancy furniture or get elegant statement pieces to make it look luxe, no, sometimes all it takes is replacing the curtains with long and jarring draperies. Drapes and quality blinds will draw anybody’s attention, and they are not so expensive. Hence, switch out your dated window treatments for something new and cool that will exude a dramatic effect and make the room feel more expensive. Choose drapes in a silky, soft, maybe linen-like material and try to contrast them with the bedroom’s wall colors. Hang them floor to ceiling, what’s more, don’t worry if they go a few inches above the window to add some height, for an even more effective notion.

Utilize some of the above-mentioned pieces of advice and you will create the bedroom of your dreams. You would be surprised how wonderful a bedroom can look even with a limited budget.




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