A Quick Guide on How to Sell a House Fast

You never planned for this to happen. But it did.

Maybe you bought the house of your dreams and now you have to sell before the possession date in order to avoid paying for two mortgages. Perhaps you got the job offer of a lifetime and you need to leave the state ASAP.

However, the situation happened. And you need to sell now.

Fortunately, we’re about to give you four tips that you can use to sell a house fast. All you have to do is keep reading.

Tip #1: Stage Your Home

You may hear potential buyers say things like “Not the right house.” and “Didn’t seem like a good fit.”, but what this really comes down to is whether or not people can see themselves turning your house into their next home.

The hard truth is that when you have a blank room with no furniture, it can be hard for people to get those feelings of “This is my future house.”. Staging your home can help nudge those fence-sitters towards a “Yes.”.

Sometimes selling a house comes down to how well you can sell the sizzle.

Tip #2: Make Sure the Price Is Right

Most people would be prepared to buy a soda for $1. And they may be willing to spend even more if they’re ordering drinks at a concert or a movie theater.

But if the same soda was priced at $2,000, most people would need it to be handcrafted by every important person who’s ever lived to begin justifying the price tag. Believe it or not, the same principle applies to selling a home quickly.

The first part of figuring out how to sell a house fast is knowing how much homes are going for in your local real estate market.

If you can offer a discount or, at the very least, avoid turning your home into your community’s version of a $2,000 soda, you may be able to sell in less time than you think.

Tip #3: Make the Easy Upgrades

Have you ever noticed how smaller details often make the biggest difference in the real estate selling process? Sometimes small, easy-to-fix issues can make potential buyers feel like they’re looking at a fixer-upper.

Does the door need painting? Do you have grass that needs to be cut or bushes that could use a quick trim? It’s amazing how landscaping can affect property value.

Tip #4: Think About Selling Your Home As-Is

Those other tips are all well and good. But what if making upgrades, putting your house on the market, and making that sale is simply more than you want to do?

You can look for investors and house-flippers who are prepared to buy your house in its current condition.

If you’re trying to sell a house quickly, selling a house as-is lets you skip the picture-taking and the walkthroughs in favor of getting cash right away. 

Here’s How You Can Sell a House Fast

In 2021, 40 percent of houses were selling above listing price. Whether you’re trying to sell high while selling quickly or you just want to get the property off of your hands, being able to sell a house fast may be easier than you think.

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