The Benefits of Having Frameless Shower Doors Installed To Your Home

Our daily routine revolves around the bathroom; a closed bathroom with a small window feels small, dull, outdated, and claustrophobic at times. One of the best ways to upgrade the look of your bathroom is to install a frameless shower door. It gives the bathroom a new look and makes it look bigger. The designs can be made as per the customer’s requirement.

Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors:

1) Ample space:

Curtains and frames shower door makes the bathroom looks smaller than it is. The framed door reduces the line of sight by one-third of the actual size. The frameless glass shower door on the other hand makes the bathroom look bigger and spacious. A small bathroom with a small window can benefit in looks and size by installing frameless doors. 

2) Increased functionality:

Framed doors usually open only one way, either inwards or outwards. If it opens only inwards one has to adjust the space according to the door opening. If it opens only outwards then one has to prompt their pet or toddlers to stay away from the door in case they might be outside the door. One can also choose between a sliding design which is considered more effective in utilizing the space and doesn’t require much space to open and close. Hinged designs in frameless doors can open both ways so one can simply open the door outwards while making the bathroom more spacious.

3) More light:

A poorly lit bathroom makes it hard to wake up in the morning. Often the lightings of bathrooms are not that great. Many bathrooms don’t have windows or have a small opening for an exhaust for ventilation purposes. The artificial light installed on the roof or above the sink directly hits the eyes and reduces the vision in the long run. With Bespoke Frameless Glass doors, bad lighting, and dark bathrooms will be an issue in the past. Frameless glass doors have minimal obstructions, giving you a brighter and well-lit bathroom with more natural light.

4) Add looks to the bathroom:

New bathroom design model often comes with redesigning the whole bathroom. Say goodbye to traditional curtains and enclosed bathrooms. With frameless design one also looks for more aesthetic tiles, shower layouts, new taps, etc. Overall intalling frameless shower screens makes the bathroom look more appealing with good craftsmanship.

5) Customized sizes:

The benefit of frameless bathroom doors is that they can be made custom according to the size of your bathroom. The professionals will take the measurements and will install the cutting-edge bathroom door. One can choose from all the types of glass, finger pull, towel rods, handle, and corner piece to keep the things, everything can be custom designed.

6) Easy to clean:

Frameless glass doors are easier to clean than traditional tile bathrooms. The glass doesn’t let anything stick on it. One can just simply use a spin mop and wipe away the steam and water instantly. There is no soap or liquid wash required.

7) Less mold buildup:

With framed shower doors that have an internal drain system and rubber sealing it is more prone to mold and mildew formation which damages the door gradually and makes them hollow and leaves the door in mess. Frameless glass doors have very little gasketting of rubber, therefore it has lesser chances of mildew and mold build-up.

Final Words: 

A frameless shower door can improve the overall aesthetics of your bathroom making it look fascinating and adding a premium look to the bathroom. Invest in frameless shower doors today.

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