6 Best Exterior Upgrades To Improve Curb Appeal

Whether you’re planning to put your residential property on the market or keep it for life, sprucing up your home’s exterior is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can take. Sure, having a visually appealing and well-decorated interior can attract your guests and visitors. However, it’s your home’s exterior that makes or breaks the first impressions of passers-by or even your potential buyers. With a better curb appeal, anyone would be more curious to see what your house’s got to give, considering that your exterior is already presentable on its own.  

Thankfully, enhancing your curb appeal doesn’t always require intricate landscaping ideas just to achieve this. Even if they’re do-it-yourself (DIY) upgrades or minor touch-ups and changes, doing them properly will provide the same visually appealing results.  

To get started, here are the seven best exterior upgrades you may want to consider to enhance your property’s curb appeal.  

Add Planters  

While it’s nice to plant your flowers and shrubs, they can take time to grow before they can add appeal to your exterior. Not to mention they’ll require regular upkeep and maintenance to fully grow and develop healthily. A faster and easier alternative you may want to consider is by adding planters instead. They’re already in their full growth with all the green leaves and flowers. Additionally, you can use vibrant pots to add more colour and design to your lawn or front yard. 

But before adding planters, make sure to declutter your lawn first and prepare it for upgrades and additions. Preferably, get rid of anything that does not belong or add appeal to your yard, such as damaged lawn furniture, dead bushes, or even tall trees blocking the view. You can call a tree removal Northern Beaches service or other tree removers within your area. They could flawlessly cut down those old or dead trees ruining your lawn. Once your lawn is clean and ready, you can arrange your planters and position them based on your desired design. 

Install More Light Fixtures 

Perhaps the current lighting you have is already old or not enough to illuminate the entire yard. In that case, consider installing more light fixtures to maintain your home’s curb appeal during the evening. 

Some landscaping experts would also say that a home exterior with practical and attractive lighting has a higher property value than houses with dim or no lighting. Furthermore, a well-lit property is safer, making it a less target for burglars. So, when purchasing light fixtures, don’t be afraid to try out unique styles or designs like lantern-style lights, string lights, fencepost lighting, torch-style lights, and more.  

Replace Old Hardware 

Some hardware you can find in your exterior may include your mailbox, house number, and door knockers. For a quick yet effective curb appeal upgrade, consider replacing them with new ones, especially if you’ve had them for several years or they’re already damaged. They might be tiny details, but you’ll be surprised how your neighbours or potential buyers can quickly notice how aesthetically appealing your mailbox is or how stylish your house number looks.  

Repaint Your Exteriors

If you have an old fence, you don’t necessarily have to entirely remove it and replace something new to improve your curb appeal unless it’s already damaged. A quick repaint would suffice and automatically make your fence look new again. Just make sure to check it for any damage and repair it before covering it with a brand-new colour.

Besides your fence, your front door can also affect people’s opinions towards your property. A worn down, dull-coloured door could give them an impression that there’s not much interesting to see inside your home.  As part of elevating your curb appeal, don’t forget to include your front door repainting in your priority list. Furthermore, make sure you choose a colour that complements well with your exterior wall’s painting and overall aesthetic. You could also replace your doorknob with a new one to complete the look. 

Design A Clear Path 

If there’s a short or long walking distance between your front door and your entry gate, consider designing a well-defined path for your visitors to walk into. This addition will make your home look more inviting and organized. You can choose between using plants or lighting or building an actual pathway made of stone or brick.  

Add Outdoor Furniture 

Before adding outdoor furniture, see to it that you still have enough space for it. Otherwise, your home’s exterior will only look cluttered. If your space allows, you can add some outdoor chairs, tables, porch swings, or even a water fountain. For limited garden spaces, you can opt for smaller tables and stools.  

Wrapping Up 

Your exterior upgrades don’t need to be massive and costly projects. With your DIY skills, professional assistance, and some creativity, you can improve your property’s curb appeal. So, let these exterior upgrades inspire you to get started towards enhancing your home.

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