Researching The Right Tree For Your Garden

Right Tree

Choosing the right tree for your garden can be a difficult decision and one that should be carefully considered before making a purchase. Trees, particularly evergreens, add luscious greenery and height to your garden, with some providing flowers or fruit. However, there are several things you need to consider before deciding on the ideal tree for you.

Get Information On Different Trees

Going to a garden center and picking the one that looks nice, taking it home, planting it, and waiting for it to grow is great in theory. But how much information do you get about the product? Carrying out prior research into the different trees available will help to identify the best tree for your garden. If you want a fast-growing screening tree, there’s an abundance of information about the thuja green giant arborvitae online. For something that makes a statement, maybe search for the Japanese Maple tree. Whatever you’re looking for, research is a vital first step to finding your ideal tree.

What Does Online Research Include?

Taking the time to do online research can save you a lot of time and hassle, as well as being able to fully budget for your project. If you’re building a living privacy screen or hedge, you’ll need to know a lot of important information, such as:


Online information tells you the height your trees are expected to grow to. This allows you to accurately measure the distance from the ground to your desired height and make an informed decision on whether the tree you’re looking at is right for your garden.


Knowing what the expected spread of the tree will be and how far apart to plant them allows you to work out the exact number you need. This will avoid a return trip to the garden center as you’ve not bought enough and you can complete the project without interruption.

Soil Types

Arborvitae trees can go in almost any type of soil, but it is worth checking first to make sure your chosen tree will grow and thrive. Online research gives you the opportunity to check your soil type and find the most appropriate tree, thus avoiding the extra expense of having to start again.

Growth Rate

If you’re looking for a quick-growing tree, you’ll get all the information you need about growth rates and when you can expect the full maturity of your trees. This helps you to monitor the growth and look for any issues that are hindering progress.

How and When to Plant

Online, you receive expert advice on how and when to plant your new trees. This is a vital piece of information as planting at the wrong time of year can hinder their growth. You will normally find plenty of advice on how to care for and maintain the trees, particularly in their early years.


Knowing the cost per tree beforehand allows you to accurately budget for the entire project, and all the other additional information you have gathered can also be considered before splashing the cash. 



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