Home Cleaning Hacks Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

If you have a cat or dog, keeping your home clean can be one of the biggest challenges. From muddy paw prints and ubiquitous doggy smells to outside dirt stains-they often leave us with something we need to be cleaned up!

Deep Clean is the First Approach

Dogs are known to be very loyal and protective animals, so you must take the time from their playtime to clean toys or blankets habitually.

Toys can pick up dirt, grime, and bacteria, while bedding often has a lot more than just hair on them! If your dog spends plenty of his days indoors, invest in some fresh-smelling doggy items. Additionally, click here to know more DIY tips to keep everything cleaned.

Let the Dirty Paw Marks Dry

 Your dog might be cute and cuddly, but their muddy paws can ruin your new cream carpet. If you see specks of dirt on the ground or floors in a room where they’ve been walking around consistently this past week – always let it dry out before wiping away with an absorbent cloth/towel (preferably one without too many chemicals).

Go For the Strong and Durable Options

Leather couch covers are an excellent choice for pet owners, thanks to their long-lasting material and easy cleaning ability. Other fabrics like microfiber, velvet, or canvas may also work well as they have durable finishes that welcome dogs and cats!

Soda Works Great to Make Smell Sober

Having a dog or cat can be very entertaining, but it also comes with cleaning up after them. Baking soda is an easy and natural way to remove odors from your carpets without using harsh chemicals that could harm pets as well!

All you need to do for these fresh-smelling floors to come about is to let some baking powder sit on top until there’s enough time have passed. So, all those nasty smells are soaked into its surface before vacuuming them away – then voila: You’ll never have had such clean carpeting before now!

Stop the Drooling with a Bib

The drool bib is a must-have for any dog parent. Dogs with medium to large chews are the ones who will most likely need one, as these kinds of breeds tend to produce more saliva than others do!

A lot goes on in your pup’s mouth, and if you don’t catch it before it’s onto their clothes or bedding, cleanup can become quite tricky. Not only because there’ll be so much goo that needs cleaning up but also how unpleasant some smells may get after sitting around too long without being washed off properly.

Keep the Furniture Covered

Soft furnishing items like pillows and blankets may seem inviting to your dog, but they can be destroyed by the furry little creatures that love curling upon them.

Mud paws? Check! The odor from lunchtime strolls through mud puddles outside, or even just pet hairs shed every day at home when you brush against it wrong while walking past an old Persian cat’s sleeping place.

A fluffy sofa blanket doesn’t save these soft furnishings forever, so make sure you want protection for big-bellied companions with sensitive noses – buy some furniture covers today!