How to Create a Perfect Kitchen: Tips From the Chef

How is that possible that professional chefs fly around the kitchen, juggling knives and pans just like Cirque du Soleil acrobats?. Get a kitchen trolley with a storage and At the same time, we keep bumping into corners and can’t find what we need among the pile of started spice bags. How is that possible, and what should you do to achieve the same? In this post, we will talk about the tricks that will help you optimize your kitchen work and make cooking a real pleasure. So keep reading and be inspired.

Get a Large Worktop

The main difficulty in most kitchens is that the entire worktop is usually separated, which makes the work surface come out in small pieces. This is definitely a wrong approach, which hardly adds comfort. It is way more convenient to have a long tabletop without any divisions as such. It would be great if you could find space for the additional worktop – it can be an island, where you can cook and dine later. It is important to choose the tabletop matching your height in order to avoid a heavy load on your back.

When choosing a worktop design, give preference to a calm and balanced color scheme. Catchy colors can look boring and plain over time. Therefore, it is better to go for black, white, gray, and beige. They match well each other and will look stylish and fresh in the coming years.  

Put the Oven to Worktop Level

This is extremely comfortable to have an oven at eye level. At the same time, this way, you will not forget about the chicken in the oven, and it’s more convenient to see how the meringues are doing there. You may be wondering what place in the kitchen works best for the oven. Instead of guessing, it is better to visualize all the possible options with the Spotless Agency virtual staging solution and pick the most preferred one. 

Zone the Space

Thus, you will be able to create a comfortable and highly functional space or even visually expand the area of ​a small room. For example, instead of making kitchen furniture doors in one color, separate the space with facades of different shades or textures.

When combining facades of different colors, pay attention to the style in which they are made. For example, if these are lacquered surfaces, it is recommended that the lacquer is glossy or matt on all facades. Thus, you will ensure a unified style and mood of the entire furniture set.

Install a Deep Sink

It is extremely comfortable to use a deep sink, especially if it has two compartments. Thus, you can rinse the dishes in one part and wash them in another compartment. There should also be a second tap for filtered water. Clean water is needed not only for drinking but also for cooking. 

Place an ornate glass panel behind the sink to spice up the dishwashing process. It can be an abstract motive, a seascape, or a birch grove. This will significantly expand the space and personalize your kitchen area.

Take Care of a Quiet Hood

It should be as powerful and silent as possible. If the cooker hood roars overhead like a jet plane, the desire to cook will eventually disappear. What is more, such a device will hardly add comfort and coziness to your kitchen, agree?

Stick to the Triangle Rule

The stove, sink, and refrigerator should be arranged in a triangle pattern. In this case, the sum of the distances between them should be less than 6 meters. If we stand in the center of this triangle, everything we need will automatically be at our fingertips. This will make cooking faster, easier, and more effective.

Forget About Top Closed Cabinets

Closed cabinets steal space and clutter up the kitchen. By replacing the top cabinets with open shelves, you get more space, know where things are, and get the incentive to decorate your kitchen. But the lower closed cabinets, of course, are necessary. The use of “living room” elements – shelves, showcases, open shelves – brings the kitchen and living room closer together. So find the balance that works best for the entire interior setting of your apartment.

Let the Ceiling be Light

A bright ceiling with a good light source, especially above the stove, is needed so that your eyes don’t get tired when you cook. In addition, light colors visually increase the space and make your stay there more comfortable. In addition to the main light, install local lighting sources or decorative lighting in the kitchen. Use the main light for work and turn on the cozier local light before sitting down to dinner.

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