Quick Guide On Indoor Gardening For Newbies

If you are a newbie to this area then the term indoor gardening may seem something of a misnomer. However, indoor gardening is a hobby that is becoming increasingly widespread, and with good reason.

Mushrooms aren’t plants, but they grow almost in the same way as them. They can also thrive indoors if you provide them with the right environment to grow. For beginners or first-timers, mushroom grow kits make it easy to cultivate common mushroom species, which make delicious, healthy ingredients for some of your favorite dishes!

What is indoor gardening exactly, how can you get into it, and what are the advantages you will gain from this hobby? 

What does indoor gardening entail?

Generally speaking, it simply entails growing whichever plants you desire indoors, instead of outdoors. This can be herbs, flowers, fruit, vegetables, air plants, or whatever you enjoy the most.

Some plants work better than others, and your home will also decide on what will grow the best. You may simply want to put some plants on window sills to brighten up the kitchen, or you wish to invest in hydroponics.

There are many guides to help with apartment gardening, and these can give valuable advice to the beginner. You can also get some tips and help by scrolling down this article. 

What plants can you grow indoors?

You will need to consider what different plants like. All plants need three things; sunlight, water, and nutrients. However, they need them in different quantities depending on their makeup.

Herbs will appreciate a nice sunny spot in the home, so if you have somewhere like this then you can take advantage of these plants. Air plants don’t need soil so if you are worried about children or pets making a mess then these might suit you.

Lettuce, herbs, peppers, potatoes, radishes, and microgreens. all grow well indoors. There are easy ways to grow indoor plants that are safe for kids and pets, and the next section will give a basic rundown of what you need to do so. 

Getting started with your indoor garden

As you read above, plants need light, water, and nutrients. An indoor gardener also needs to be aware of one or two other things. Below are the main points a newbie apartment gardener needs to know:

  • Light
  • Soil
  • Nutrients
  • Water
  • Repotting
  • Humidity 


Some plants require more light than others. One thing is for sure, plants indoors will not enjoy the same amount of light as ones outside will. Be aware of plants that like lots of light, and those that prefer the shade. 


Find out what mix of soil your plants like. Potting mix is suitable for many plants. Some plants though like a lot of moisture and potting mix may not be suitable for them. 


You will need to fertilize your plants, but not too much. Slow-release fertilizers are ideal for many plants as they require less replacement. In nature, plants receive nutrients from the soil and from organic matter breaking down. Indoor gardens require your help. Be careful not to over-fertilize your plants though. 


You may say that plants should be watered on average about once a week. Some plants such as cacti require less, and your environment will also dictate how often plants need moisture.

A hot region will require more water than a colder one. Some plants require watering from the bottom, while others are happy for top-watering. A little research will be required to understand your plants’ needs. 


At some point, you will need to re-pot your plants. As they grow they will require more space so they can thrive. Don’t panic though, you won’t have to worry about this until perhaps a year after you purchase your plants. Just be aware that sooner or later, your indoor garden will require more space. 


One last point is humidity. Some plants thrive in humid environments, whereas others prefer drier habitats. You may need to use a terrarium to effectively control the humidity and moisture for some plants. 

Are there any health benefits to growing plants indoors?

Having a hobby that keeps you active already brings about a number of benefits. Indoor gardening is no different.

Not only does indoor gardening help to provide you with herbs and vegetables, but your mental wellness and health may also improve. Plants in general can help to reduce stress levels, and some bring other advantages.

According to Healthline, there may be health benefits to having a snake plant in the home, including improving the air quality. Regardless of any health benefits that plants bring, they will improve the aesthetic value of your home no end. 


Indoor gardening brings many positive benefits to a home and its occupants. The air may be improved, the plants can add tranquility, and then there is all the fresh herbs and vegetables to consider.

Not everyone has a large backyard, and indoor gardening presents a solution. You don’t need to worry about how to make the most of your limited garden space if you take up apartment gardening.

All you need to do is choose the plants you like, and as your environment and then do a little research on taking care of them. Pretty soon you could have a thriving indoor garden.

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