How to Get House Painters Offering Exterior Painting Service in Akron OH

Akron OH is home to many beautiful houses. Such structures would not be completely beautiful without proper exterior paintings. Painting the exterior of your house is different from interior painting and would require professional service.

Due to the rising number of painters available in Akron OH, you must take certain measures to ensure you’re hiring the right painter for the job. Most persons tend to find the best people for their job after trying out about four other painters. 

However, trial and error can be avoided if you know how to get a professional. In this article, we would be expositing the steps that can assist you to hire a house painter that will offer superior exterior painting service.

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Hiring a Professional House Painter

There are no actual steps to get a professional for your painting job. Most persons believe it’s a matter of trials. However, the following tips can help you get expert painters over time:

  • Carry Out Research Online

For most homeowners, the issue is where to start from. In most cases, it is easier to start by carrying out online research. You can get an expert online and you can also get an amateur. It all relies on how well you do your research. 

Asking your friends or relatives is also a great step towards finding an expert. However, you should also research the recommended company or professional. What your friends see as standard might not be up to your desired standard. Do the following when researching a painter online:

Read Reviews Online

Due to recent innovations and hacks in the cyber world, most reviews can now be manipulated to suit the company’s profile. However, below are certain tips you should keep in mind while reading a company’s review online.

  1. Look for comprehensive reviews; those that show expression of feeling and experience in dealing with the organization. In most cases, reviews that are vague have been manipulated. The extensive descriptions in the review will give you more idea of how the company operates and its job performance.
  2. Manipulated reviews are often posted on different sites. This is one of the signs that it is not an actual review.
  3. Sometimes, trusted review sites disqualify some reviews and send them to the bottom. They prioritize reviews from frequent users and mark those from non-habitual users as a scam. Comments written by clients motivated by their experiences in dealing with the company can provide you with good detail about the company. 
  4. Intentionally look for bad reviews and how the company responded to them. You want to be sure that if anything goes wrong your complaint would be attended to.
  5. If the company doesn’t have any reviews online, you should consider looking for another. 
  6. Look out for companies that are more concerned with referral programs than their services. Such companies make their money from the referrals, not the service in particular.
  7. If the company has a website, that is a plus. You could get so much information from a company’s website. You should check out the following sections Project portfolio, Crew page, Company blog, about us, and Professional Affiliations. 

You can click on to know more on how to carry out research online.

Read About the Company’s Owner

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This is important because you need to be sure that the CEO is an actual person, not a ghost. The company owner’s profile would enable you to know if there are any lawsuits filed against them, confirm their professional collaborations and awards, and previous local business interviews.

  • Request a Proposal

Depending on the nature of the job, costs can start from a few thousands. Keep in mind that some painters can use substandard materials for your project and charge lower. Others might hike the costs. 

Always ensure that price ranges are on a normal scale. You can ask friends or relatives how much a similar job was done. This would help you have an estimate in mind.

A comprehensive proposal would help you understand what value you would be spending your money on. Another reason for requesting this is for documentation purposes. With a detailed bid, everything that was discussed would be in writing. 

Make sure that the proposal includes the following:

  1. A proper description of the job according to sections and phases.
  2. Request the estimated work hours, materials, and cost for each work area. This would enable you to understand how the work time is allotted and when the job will be completed.
  3. The charge per hour as well as the cost for each material should be attached to the proposal. This would enable you to make a proper budget on your end.
  4. The recommended paint for the project should be attached to the proposal.

Additionally, you should request the company’s insurance policy. Ask for the name and contact details of the insurer. Make sure you call the office of the insurer to confirm their coverage is still active. You can read this article to know the importance of hiring an insured contractor. 

  • Compare the Proposals Received

One of the reasons a proposal is necessary is because you may need to compare it with other proposals. The proposals are road maps that help you choose what road to take and which suits your budget and standard. You should look for the following details in the proposals:

  1. A thorough work plan description
  2. The cleaning and finishing plan
  3. A breakdown of their preparation plan
  4. A detailed account of how the painting will commence 
  5. The cost allocation according to each section of the house
  6. A provision for an exterior portable toilet as recommended by the law
  7. The company’s warranty description
  • Choose a Painter to Work With

After the selection process, you should be able to narrow it down to a professional painter. Provide them with the necessary details and funds to begin work. Also, ensure you explain your specifications to them.


Getting an expert painter for many persons is a matter of luck. However, certain steps have helped several persons including myself hire professional painters for several projects. Reading reviews and requesting proposals are two vital steps that should not be missed in this case.

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