Natural blinds are in! Know more about them

“Going Green” is the only possible way for a sustainable future today. These days homeowners are looking for natural products for their homes. The interior designers are also coming up with natural and eco-friendly window coverings that offer both style and functionality.  

Here are some eco-friendly options that you can pick for your homes.

Bamboo – The best thing about bamboo, besides being natural, is that it grows very fast and is widely available. It’s hard and durable enough to be used as a window covering Bamboo shades in Florida.

Woven materials – They are crafted from natural and renewable materials like jute, bamboo, wood, reeds, and grasses and lend an earthy and organic touch to the window coverings. 

Cotton – This is a classic natural material used for many years to make shades and curtains. Roman shades in cotton material and cotton curtains and draperies are readily available in a wide variety. The only drawback is that they attract dirt pretty easily.

Wood – Another classic beauty is wood, which has been homeowners’ evergreen choice. Shutters, window blinds in Florida, and shades are all readily available. However, it is not the eco-friendliest option, and you can look for faux wood blinds, which are cheaper and highly versatile. 

Benefits of Ecofriendly materials

Texture – No artificial material can mimic the beauty and texture of natural materials. Their look and feel impact a distinct charm and warmth to the décor. Wood and woven materials exhibit such features.

Versatile – Natural materials are universal, and you can use them anywhere in the house. However, wood is not a good choice for bathrooms or the kitchen. Cleaning them is also not a problem but a more delicate process. 

Lightweight – They are much lighter than their counterparts and easy to install. They are simple and a safe option for the homeowners to choose for their window coverings. They also brave the natural elements and enjoy a longer life. 

Customizable – Naturals shades and blinds are available in various textures, finishes, colors, styles, and sizes. You can pick them in different transparencies and patterns to suit your décor. 



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