7 Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

Your roof is one of the crucial parts of your home. It protects your property’s structure from being exposed to harsh weather elements and potential water damage if it functions well. Unfortunately, regardless of how you care for and maintain your roof, it may show signs of wear and tear over time.

When that happens, don’t take those signs for granted. If you want to protect your investment, be proactive and check for the early signs of roof replacement to lessen the costs and prevent further property damage or injury risks.

Some of the warning signs you should never ignore are as follows:

  • Old Age

Many roofing systems are made to last for decades. If your roof is already over 20 years old, it’s time to invest in roof replacement. Don’t wait for leaks or major roofing problems to appear. A timely roof replacement can help prevent problems associated with roof leaks and aging shingles.

When you’re unsure about your roof’s age and want to know more info about roof replacement, hire a reliable roofing contractor who can examine this part of your home particularly. Professional roofing experts may also help you choose the suitable roofing system ideal for your budget, location, and unique needs.

  • Visible Holes

If you see a beam of light in your attic, it’s a sign that you need to replace your roof immediately. It’s a clear sign that your roof is damaged or there are missing shingles. This could also indicate that there is a leak somewhere that may have gone unnoticed. 

Although roofers can repair some visible holes, there are instances when you may need a new roof replacement. This is especially true if the patches aren’t working anymore and the leaks worsen. If that’s the case, make sure to work with a professional roofing company that offers quality roof replacement services.

  • Water Damage In Your Attic

Moisture marks, peeling paint, and stains may indicate a leaking and damaged roof. Once you take these signs for granted, it may lead to serious water damage that can affect your home’s structure. To avoid that, call in an expert for an inspection.

Highly qualified and experienced professionals have the necessary tools and equipment to check the extent of the problem. Moreover, they can also give you advice if it’s time to call other suppliers, such as mold removal companies.

  • Curling Roof Shingles

Typically, curling shingles are a sign of an old roof. However, if your roof is new and you notice curling shingles, it’s a sign that your roofing wasn’t installed properly or your attic ventilation isn’t doing its job effectively.

In addition, moisture may crawl under your shingles, causing the curling and leading to roof rot and leaks. Contact a roofing professional for a thorough roof checkup if you see curling shingles. This way, you’ll know whether or not you need a roof replacement.

  • Leaks

Most homeowners ignore leaks until they become a bigger problem over time. Even if minor leaks don’t do much damage to your home, they may continue to grow and eventually cause damage.

Leaks are a sign that something might be wrong with your roof, which can be a serious red flag. If you often experience leaks regularly, you should do something now to prevent future roofing issues. If possible, replace your roof to avoid mold growth and increased humidity levels due to leaks.

  • Worn-Down Or Cracked Roof Shingles

Similar to how roofs protect your house, shingles protect your roof’s structure from extreme weather elements. The shingles serve as your roof’s armor. Their reflective nature becomes less effective as they wear down, resulting in too much sunlight entering your house. Too much sunlight can make your home warmer and may cause a spike in your monthly electric bill during a hotter season.

The more worn and older your shingles get, they’re also prone to crack, leading to more leaks. So, once you notice worn-down or cracked roof shingles, have a roofing professional check your roof. If the damage is severe, you might want to replace your roof immediately.

  • Gutter Build-Up

Another sign you need a roof replacement is when there’s a build-up of granules in your gutter. It often indicates that your roof shingles are losing granules even though they don’t appear to be. For this reason, roof replacement may become necessary. If you don’t replace your roof, gutter build-up may result in leaks and the rapid decay of your roof.


Deciding when to get a new roof is never easy. However, neglecting minor roofing issues may result in more expensive problems over time. So, if you want to know the right time to replace your roof, make sure to keep the signs mentioned above. If you’re still unsure, hire a professional to do a thorough roof inspection and get the best possible roof replacement solutions to fit your needs.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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