How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling?  

Traveling is often the most likely way to invite the bed bug menace into your home. For example, in cities famous for their razzmatazz like New York, bed bugs have reached such a menace that retailers, home owners, and others routinely engage in pest control every year. Furthermore, it makes up for a significant cost structure for small businesses, as it becomes a recurring problem for many, despite various precautions. Fortunately, pest control can cost as little as $100 in places like Austin, Texas. However, here are some important precautions before reaching out to an Austin pest control service. 


The last thing you want to worry about on your vacation is perhaps bed bugs. However, small things can prevent major infestations in your home. For example, you can use plastic bags to store your belongings while you are on vacation. Plastic bags are often the best way to ensure, your soiled clothes, and the hotel’s furniture do not mix. You can also keep your luggage at elevated places to ensure minimal contact with the floor. Furthermore, clothes are the easiest route of manifestation for most bed bug problems. Ideally, keep your clothes in dry, and washed conditions. Consider getting the special laundry room service in a hotel. Soiled clothes are often used by bed bugs to lay eggs. 


If a hotel or other retail establishment has a bed bug problem, you want to be as far away from it as possible. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, and they can use cracks as small as the width of credit cards to begin an invasion of homes. So, do consider checking with hotels during reservations, especially through third-party review sites. Bed bug problems can manifest even in the best of hotels. However, the management concerned about it will often get regular inspections from pest control services to maintain the property. The pest control problems are common in many establishments in places like New York, and are growing across the US. Be sure to check review sites for these before bringing the problem home, especially when you are travelling alone. 


Once you get back from a vacation or a work-related trip, be sure to check your clothes for signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs are notorious not just for their painful bites, but also their infamous faeces, which leave black blood stains on your clothes. Furthermore, bed bugs also shed their exoskeletons regularly, passing through five stages of development. If you have any doubts regarding your travel, be sure to speak about things like damp scents of smell you may experience in a hotel, and the itching you may experience.