8 Facts You Don’t Know About Wholesale Jewelers


When we talk about wholesalers, the first thing that revolves around your mind is “bulk products at cheap rates.” however, some things make the wholesale jewelers different from the rest of the wholesalers.

Retailers and stores mostly suggest jewelry wholesalers. What do you think is the reason? 

It is not just because they can supply large orders at low prices, but they are profitable altogether to the business. Now imagine a wholesaler supplying you with cheap jewelry but delaying the orders for hours and days. 

Do you think that such a wholesaler is worth the items’ price? 

Definitely not! 

There are many other factors related to wholesale jewelers that you might not know about. Here we shall tell you everything that you should know before diving into this business.

So, without further ado, let’s start…

List of Facts You Don’t Know About Wholesale Jewelers

The following is the list of all the things that you might not know about wholesale jewelers: 

  1. Bulk Supply

Many local market owners refrain from supplying jewelry in bulk, especially to the new businesses. That might be because they do not want to take a risk with the newbies. 

You might face difficulties in finding bulk jewelry suppliers. Fortunately, wholesale jewelers can provide you bulk orders even if you are new to this field.  

  1. Lower Rates Than Local Market

When you go to a local market, then you expect to get bulk jewelry at low prices. But if you go to a wholesaler jeweler, you might find better quality handcrafted jewelry items at lower rates than the market. 

You can save about 40 to 60 percent if you choose to buy from a wholesale jewelry supplier.

Besides, wholesale jewelers can offer you several discounts and packages when you buy jewelry in bulk. You can check wholesale jewelers like HnD Wholesale to get quality jewelry items at the lowest possible rates. 

  1. Free Shipping Can Be Deceiving

You might not know about the wholesale jewelers because their offer of free delivery can sometimes cost you even more. 

The websites that offer free drop shipping or delivery services often have higher product rates than the market. So you must be careful while buying from such wholesale jewelers as it may affect your whole expenses.

  1. Customized, Unique, and Luxury Jewelry Items

The best advantage of wholesale jewelers is that you can order custom jewelry from them. Wholesalers usually run a large scale business. 

They will not have a problem providing you with a high-quality white diamond set. It is up to your requirement of how much bigger and valuable items you want to order from them.

  1. Consistent with Market Trend

Unlike wholesalers from other niches, jewelry wholesalers are usually consistent with the latest market trends.  

As stated earlier, they supply huge orders and run on larger scales. So, even if they face minimal complaints, it might result in high business loss. 

So, they always try to follow market patterns and stay up-to-date. You will not have to ask them for trendy and in-fashion jewelry designs. You can trust that they will show you only those jewelry items which are trending in the market.

  1. More Than One Manufacturer

The orders streamline of wholesalers is built in such a way that they have to keep more than one supply source. You would be less likely to face a shortage of wholesalers items as they have multiple manufacturers who can guarantee their timely supply.

  1. Partnering Up with A Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

There are many benefits of partnering up with a wholesale jewelry supplier. However, there are also certain risks involved in it. Try not to partner with a shady wholesale supplier.  

The right wholesale jewelry supplier will take care of monitoring orders, purchases, and deliveries. They will even provide you with legal business services, which will result in a time-saving factor.  

  1. Ethics and Sustainability

Jewelry wholesalers are frequently committed to sustainability and ethics. They value their customers and work by the ethical code of providing only the best quality wholesale Jewelry items to their clients.

Ethical existence can be much more expensive than the quick way to buy from the producer or distributor at cheap rates. 

  1. Focus on Long Term Relationship

wholesale jewelers focus on long-term relationships with their customers. They usually deal with large businesses and buyers, which means they have to be careful while delivering their products. 

To build long term relationships with their clients, they focus on providing the right quality jewelry items to their customers.

  1. Negotiations Friendly

Last but not least, wholesale jewelers are usually friendly. Running a business on a large level is a bit risky and complicated. Wholesalers are careful about their moves and focus on satisfying their clients at any cost. 

That is why wholesale jewelers do not make it hard for their customers to negotiate when it comes to product rates.

Final Thoughts

Wholesale jewelers usually possess a few qualities and features that differentiate them from other wholesalers and local market jewelers. If you know these qualities, then you may make your dealings in a better way. We hope that the facts listed above will help you in your wholesale jewelry business.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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