Ways to Improve Your Property: Window Washing Services and More

Proper landscaping can add beauty and peace of mind to your property. Doing it yourself is an inexpensive DIY project with big potential returns on investment.

Climbers such as ivy can add color and interest to otherwise plain walls and fence paneling, but you must take caution not to damage either the wall or its plants in doing so.

Window Washing

If your property’s windows have become dirty and streaked, now may be the time to contact a professional window washing service. These professionals can quickly enhance curb appeal while helping extend the lifespan of your windows as well.

When hiring a window cleaning service, experience is of utmost importance. A knowledgeable professional will have all of the tools and training to ensure their own safety while working at high heights, such as using harnesses, helmets, and gloves for added protection. Furthermore, before selecting any window cleaner service company it is crucial that they disclose all safety protocols as well as insurance coverage information.

Most people associate window cleaning with interior windows, but exterior ones often need more care and attention. 

A good starting point is rinsing off all exterior windows with water from a hose before adding water mixed with liquid dish soap into a bucket and washing the panes using it. Once finished rinsing off, wipe down with a squeegee; once that is finished you should dry your windows with a clean lint-free rag.

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Weather dependent, you may need to repeat this process more than once. Wind and rain can cause dirt to become embedded on windows, leaving unsightly spots behind. Once dry, apply waterproof sealant so your windows remain cleaner longer.

Cleaning outdoor windows regularly can greatly reduce pest infestation. Wasps often build their nests in three-piece storm windows and spiders weave webs beneath windows. Professional cleaning companies can assist in eliminating these nuisances by washing the inside of windows with soapy water while spraying their exterior surfaces with muriatic acid sprays.

Chemicals found in acid can help dissolve calcification that clouds up glass surfaces, making them appear cloudy or unsightly. Furthermore, regular acid use can extend the lifespan of windows by helping them avoid being chipped or cracked over time.

When selecting a window washing service provider, ask about their cleaning process and which chemicals they utilize. Inquire also into their safety procedures and whether or not they have adequate insurance to work in precarious environments such as ladders or scaffolding. Professionals like the ones at Powerhouse Window Cleaning will be happy to provide these answers for you. If any company representative cannot answer safety questions, you may want to look elsewhere. 

Before making a decision, it is useful to obtain multiple free estimates from different window washing companies. An ideal company will provide affordable pricing with quality results as well as the proper equipment needed for any task, big or small. 

Look out for discounts offered for new customers or for services combined together like yard cleanup or power washing which could save money and help maintain an aesthetically pleasing exterior all year long.


When considering landscaping ideas, your first thought may be adding plants or trees to your property. While this is one way of improving its appearance, there are other more creative methods of improving it as well.

Add color with a flower garden or water feature or incorporate lines in your landscape design to draw the eye and create focal points – such as path or walkway leading towards a feature. Or match hardscapes to the style of your house for an attractive, cohesive look. You can visit sites like https://www.pinterest.com/ for more ideas.

Maintaining a neatly trimmed yard is another way to add curb appeal to your home. Cut back overgrown bushes, remove dead flowers and plants, mow and edge the grass regularly and consider selecting resource-efficient plants. 

This can help you by managing water use consciously and selecting environmentally sound hardscapes – small changes which will make a significant difference to how your home looks without costing an arm and a leg or taking up all of your free time.

Attractive Fence Options

Your fence can add value and curb appeal to your home with its many attractive options available that work with any landscape and architectural style.

Wood fences are timeless classics, and cedar is often the choice. But do not limit yourself to cedar alone: pressure-treated pine can also look lovely when stained with a rich color. If you do not want a full front-yard fence, consider opting for either a gate or short picket fence in order to enhance the garden area.

Even chain link fences can become more attractive with proper landscaping. A privacy panel could be placed over the chain links and fast-growing vines like ivy could be planted to climb over and cover them. Or the fence could simply be painted in neutral or earth tones with oil-based exterior paint.

Simply by using a simple fence as the backdrop for your flowers and herbs, it becomes an instant garden. Add vines, create flower beds as focal points, or line the fence with shrubs – all will add texture to your driveway or backyard! You can visit this helpful site for tips on how to grow vines. 

If you want a rustic charm for your farmhouse, crossbuck fences may be just what is needed to complete their rustic charm. While often found on barns or ranches, crossbuck fencing can also add beauty to the front yards by surrounding the home without blocking passersby’s views.

There are many ways to help improve the look of your property. Some of these changes can be relatively inexpensive and offer a large change. Washing your outdoor windows – or hiring experts to do it for you – can give your home or business a renewed look.

Landscaping is another way to make your property look high-end. There are many solutions for landscaping, with a wide variety of costs to suit any budget. A fence is another way to change the look of your property, which can also add security.