Get to Know the Latest Bathroom Design Trends!

Having a beautiful bathroom can brighten any morning. Keep reading to find out what’s popular this year, and discover how to change your dull, drab bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Use Natural Colors

Natural colors are some of the latest bathroom design trends. Wallpaper, towels, paint, feature tiles, and moss that come in the neutral shades of pale greens, blues, and whites are taking over. Green shades often invoke a feeling of harmony and peace, while whites and blues give a cozy and comforting feeling to homes. 

2. Consider Industrial Elements

Industrial Elements such as crittal shower doors and exposed pipework are the most common industrial elements seen. Black shower frames with a black shower valve and an overhead rain shower head can make for a striking statement.

3. Discuss Walk-In Showers and Wetrooms

Wetrooms used to be found only in high-end hotels and spas. Rather than being a completely practical space, homeowners are viewing their bathroom as a living space, and they want it to be luxurious and relaxing. In a wetroom, the shell of the room is made to withstand water and moisture. The shower, bath area, and sink can all fit in the same space, therefore maximizing the space in the bathroom.

4. Explore New Technology

Televisions with streaming systems, wireless controls, BlueTooth speakers, and remotes for other systems in the house are things homeowners don’t want to live without. This is becoming true in the bathroom as well. Any technology that exists in other rooms can be used in the bathroom. Just make sure it’s waterproof.

5. Install a Freestanding Bath

After the stress of COVID-19, people love creating spa-like peace and serenity at home. A nice, hot bath will do just the trick. Statement baths focus on clean lines, sculptural shapes, and aesthetically-pleasing design. Don’t forget to think about the size of your bathroom when looking at freestanding baths. Back-to-wall baths can save space and still look great.

6. Incorporate Bright Tiles

Baths and sinks are taking a neutral tone this year, but tiles are not. Be ready for pops of color with bright floor and wall tiles. It’s important to choose colors that can make the bathroom personal. Also, consider using bold patterns such as hexagons or metro tiles.

7. Use Sleek Storage Options

Clean lines and sleek shapes are popular this year in bathrooms, and that’s no exception with storage. Floating shelves, built-in vanities, and bespoke cabinetry are popular and beautiful. Avoid placing lots of free-standing shelving in the bathroom, as it can look messy. Try exchanging a pedestal sink for a vanity cabinet to give more storage, while still being neat and tidy. 

8. Discover Wood Finishes

The tend for natural textiles continues to grow. People like to bring the outdoors in, so using wood in ceiling beams, faux wooden floors, or wooden accents gives a peaceful, outdoorsy feel to a bathroom. Add real or artificial plants to the room to make it even more of a natural environment.

9. Scenic Murals Add Pop

Bathroom walls don’t have to be white and sterile anymore. Even homeowners who like clean lines and simple colors are going bold with big, busy large murals or hand-drawn scenes. 

From bold and beautiful to minimalist and neutral, bathrooms are becoming sanctuaries for people to relax, unwind, and enjoy the moment. Find the perfect design today.