6 Ways To Get Rid Of Broken And Unwanted White Goods

White goods are classified as any large equipment made for domestic use that’s the color white. Modern equipment comes in various colors but is still classified as a white good if they’re used for domestic purposes such as fridges, ovens, or washing machines.

Because of the mechanical nature of white goods, they wear out after some time, and they can easily break down or lose their functionality. At such moments, owners would decide to replace them or get rid of them. These white goods occupy large spaces, and if they’re broken or unwanted, keeping them will add to the clutter in your home. Therefore, it’s crucial to get rid of them.

Tips To Properly Dispose White Goods 

When broken or if you want to replace your appliances, your first idea could be disposing of them as junk. However, these white goods can still have a purpose in other areas. With that in mind, here are different ways you can get rid of them other than scrapping them as junk:

Hire Professional Rubbish Removers

Sometimes homeowners are so overwhelmed by managing their households, they fail to spare time to declutter their homes of things they don’t need, broken or unwanted appliances included. When you’re caught in a pinch, your best option is to hire professional rubbish removers from sites like https://www.dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au/ to get rid of your broken and unwanted goods and ensure proper disposal. Most importantly, professional rubbish removers can ensure you get same-day services.

When looking for a company to remove your old appliances, you should ask for referrals to make sure you get the correct value for your goods. Also, you’d want to work with a company whom you can trust to come into your home and work professionally.

Donate To Charity Organizations 

Just because you don’t need these old appliances doesn’t mean they can’t be useful somewhere else. Instead of scrapping your well-used fridge or oven, you can donate them to charity organizations as they’ll go a long way in helping other people who need them. You can call elderly homes, orphanages, or other charities that help victims see if they’re interested in the equipment.

Other than putting a smile on others’ faces, you may also benefit by qualifying for a charitable tax deduction. Therefore, your donation provides a win-win for those in need and yourself.

Exchange Offers 

There are different stores that will always offer exchange offers for your old appliances. These offers often involve you trading in your old equipment then adding a bit of money so you could get a new appliance.

You can look for such offers online and contact these stores to negotiate an exchange offer. Some stores also offer on-site inspection and removal services of your old appliances, so you won’t have to worry about the logistics end.

Sell To Secondhand Dealers 

There are several secondhand dealers who’ll always want to purchase used appliances and sell them for a profit. These dealers purchase functioning equipment or broken equipment for repairs, so the state of your appliances won’t matter. 

Even when you get rid of your white goods through secondhand dealers, you should ensure you sell them at a reasonable price. Shopping around for different quotations will help you avoid settling for bad deals.

Sell To Scrap Dealers 

Metal appliances can fetch some good cash if they’re sold to scrap dealers. So before you dispose of your old appliances to junk removers, you should consider scrapping your old equipment first. These dealers also offer removal services, or you’ll have to pay for transport costs. So assess the most cost-effective option, and if you could make some money, then scrap it. 

However, do keep in mind some appliances such as fridges and freezers with coolants will require special disposal and shouldn’t be scrapped. Only scrap those that only require general handling such as your oven or dishwasher. 

Ask Your Retailer To Dispose

When you purchase new equipment, you’ll want to dispose of the old one. You can call your retailer and ask them if they can take the old appliance after delivering the new one. They’ll charge you some delivery fees most of the time, but that should pay for the burden of taking the old appliance off you. Moreover, you’ll be sure that they’re disposed of properly.


White goods can be a headache, as they add to the clutter in your home. However, if they’re broken and you’re looking to replace them, you don’t have to keep them in your house any longer. There are several ways you can use to dispose of them properly. The best part is that you can also make money while doing so. For one, you could hire professional rubbish removers, donate to charity organizations, or sell to secondhand dealers or scrap dealers to get your old equipment off your hands.

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