How To Create Gallery Wall in Family Room

A family room is a space where we spend quality time with friends and family. It is also a kid’s favorite place to play and to watch TV. So, you should make the family room as good as other rooms in your house. 

One of the best ways to update the look and interior of a family room is by creating a gallery wall. It is the best place to showcase all your favorite prints and photos in a group. 

Check out these unique ideas to create a gallery wall in the family room:

Choose Frame Wisely

The color of frames and design plays an important role in creating an exciting gallery wall. Think about the color of your walls, and then pick the frames for prints. If your wall is painted in light shade, choose bright-colored frames like red, blue, yellow, green, etc. 

You can also opt for black frames to create a balance in your room. 

Focus on the Theme


When you are planning to create a unique gallery wall, you need to consider the theme of your home and wall art. For example, if your interior is industrial in style, then choose art prints with a similar theme. Or, you can create a contrast by selecting contemporary wall art or canvas prints. 

This is a great way to mix and match the styles as well as textures. Many wall prints work great in the family room.  You can check for interesting and beautiful wall art ideas for the family room

Play with Levels

 If you place a gallery wall behind an entertainment center, use the surface as part of your display. In this space, place some of the pieces on the wall at a low level so that they appear close to the furniture.

Some of the pieces are tall enough to be placed on the wall. Playing with levels from up, down, center, and sideways will add a unique look to the gallery wall.

Be Creative

Just adding frames, paintings or photos are not the available options to create a gallery wall. In fact, there are all serving platters, unique serving dishes, a ring bowl, or mismatched vintage china crockery.

Painted tin trays, menus, scraps of fabric, and even plants look gorgeous when hung up on the wall. It’s all about the balance of color and texture and showing off the things you love most. To create an interesting gallery wall.

Hang Frames Carefully


Lay all your prints on the floor, assemble them in a way you like to put them, and they should not clash, allowing space between one another.

Outline each print on a paper sheet, cut them carefully, and hang them temporarily on the wall. Take a picture from your phone for reference and mark the exact point you need to drill for hanging.

Put up the prints on marked holes, and your gallery wall is ready.


A gallery wall can instantly change the look of your family room. So, take ideas from above and create a unique yet trending gallery wall with beautiful wall prints. 


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