The Best Ways To Clean And Sanitize Your Home To Save Time

To keep germs at bay and prevent flu, colds, coronavirus, and other infectious diseases from spreading, you need to regularly clean and sanitize your home. To others, the process is a hobby they look up to every day or every week. For others with a lot more other important things to do throughout the year, the process is so tiring and stressful.

Whatever the case, there is a need to find time to get rid of dust, germs, and dirt piling up daily in your home. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. This is why you need to follow the below tips on the best ways to clean and sanitize your home to save time.

Clean And Sanitize The Whole House, All At Once

People tend to clean each room at a time, which is so tiring and time-consuming. The kitchen alone can take up to four hours dusting, mopping, and sanitizing the surfaces before moving to another room in the house.

Professionals recommend task cleaning, like dusting or wiping the entire house before taking on the next task like mopping. Task cleaning keeps you on the go since your goal is to keep moving.

In a Portable Bucket, Put All You Need for the Cleaning Activity

Gathering all you need for the cleaning and sanitizing process makes your job easy. It also saves your time since you don’t move to look for other tools while cleaning. You may decide to have a designated place or drawer in your home for all your cleaning needs, lock, and label for easy and quick access.

Clear and Declutter All The Surfaces

Removing everything on the way while cleaning is what makes the process exhausting. Professionals suggest you go to every room of your house, picking and putting away everything scattered on the floor and other surfaces before you start cleaning to clear your way.

The most notorious things are kids’ toys scattered all over the living area, magazines, and dirty clothes. Decide whether to donate them or put them away in a locked drawer.

Dust The House

Before dusting, turn off the ceiling fans. Concentrate on furniture tops, TV screens and remotes, play stations, shelves undersides, picture frames, handrails, and kitchen counters. You can tie a cloth or towel on a mop to reach the upper shelves or blinds.

Clean Glass Surfaces And Mirrors

Deep in clean water, a microfiber cloth, and use it to wipe all the mirrors glass surfaces in your home. Using another dry microfiber cloth, dry the surfaces without leaving a streak.

Sanitize Surface Areas And Countertops

First, wear gloves before handling any disinfectant to protect your hands from the harsh chemicals. Go through the whole house wiping all the frequently touched surface areas, from appliances doors, power switches, tv remotes, playstation, doorknobs, telephone, to all the countertops.

At this stage, also clean and sanitize your windows and doors. Hire a Cincinnati window cleaning service to help reach and clean the upper exterior window surfaces and doors. Cincinnati window cleaning company specializes in pressure washing, window tinting, and cleaning without leaving a mark on the screen surfaces.

Your Primary Focus Should be on the Toilets, Sinks, and Tubs

Apply cleaner to the toilet bowls, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and tubs and let it settle for some time to remove germs and stains before scrubbing and washing it off with clean water. While still on it, don’t forget to clean your dustbin or garbage bin.

Next, Concentrate on the Floor

Now that all your stuff and upper surfaces are clean, sweep and mop the floor, inclusive of the bathroom floor from the farthest corner, moving towards the door. The idea is to stop going back and forth, stepping on the already mopped floor. Make it a habit to rinse the rag after cleaning a small area.

Vacuum The Whole House

Again when vacuuming, start from the farthest room in the house, moving towards the door. Move the vacuum machine on carpets and door rags as you move.

Remember to change the beddings in every bedroom before you vacuum the house. Your goal is to save time, so you should keep moving. As long as you have a cleaning schedule, you will still vacuum the spots you miss on your next cleaning day.

Don’t forget to return everything to its initial places after you finish cleaning. It will make the house look organized and save you time later on locating some stuff.

Wash And Maintain Your Cleaning Tools

You don’t want to return dirt to your house immediately after cleaning. Immediately when you finish cleaning, vacuuming, and sanitizing the house, make it a routine to wash the tools before you take them back to their storage area. It will save you time cleaning them first on your next scheduled cleaning day.

Add Some Fun To It

To those who have a once-per-week cleaning schedule, the task may become dull and overwhelming if you don’t add a twist to it. Decide to do it on the weekend, when others are home, to help with one or two activities.

There is always some fun connected to teamwork. As the head of the team, assign duties to each member of the team. Turn on the radio for some loud music to keep them on the move. Your house will be sparkling clean in no time. Make sure you check on the faulty sinks that need repair to avoid wasting or contaminating the water.


In today’s world, we all, both men and women, have to earn a living. We work all week long, with only a few hours of free time to rest. No one wants to use that time cleaning, which can take a whole day if you are not careful.

So now you have some of our best tips that will help you clean and sanitize your home quickly, saving you time. If you follow them religiously, you will keep your home neat, clean, and healthy in no time, especially now the coronavirus is on the rise.