5 Maintenance Tips to Keep a Healthy Roof

The roof is an integral part of the house. Unfortunately, once installed, you hardly give it any attention. Since it stays out of sight most of the time, you are almost clueless about the dangers that damages caused by wear and tear may bring. If you do not keep a watchful eye, you might end up with costly roof repairs, which could put a dent in your budget. So, stay free from an untimely expense. Follow these maintenance guidelines and keep a healthy roof all the time

  1. Remove debris from the gutters and the roof surface.

Over time, the roof may collect lots of dirt and debris, keeping water from flowing through the downspout. If it gets clogged and water, snow, and ice get stuck, it could seriously damage the roof and the entire house. Water may seep into your home through the ceiling and walls, and even flood the basement if you are not careful. Believe us, water damage is a friend you would not want to come over. Learn more about water damage and the nightmare it could bring. To keep any of the unsightly effects of water damage from happening, you should do regular cleaning. A simple routine of clearing off the debris, fallen leaves, and dead branches can do wonders for your roof’s health.

  1. Check for missing or cracked shingles and roof sealant

The roof may suffer badly from the elements. When it is hot and humid, the shingles may shrink or crack. When ice builds up during winter, the weight could tear it apart. That’s why you need to check on the shingles closely every time you come up to clean your roof. If there are any loose or missing parts, repair and replace them immediately before it gets out of hand. You may delegate this task to a professional if it seems too much for your basic do-it-yourself skills.

  1. Scrub off mold and moss

Due to its exposure to the elements, mold and moss may form and spread throughout the roof surface. Both can cause severe damage, and if you don’t keep them from spreading, you are likely to experience loose shingles, decaying structures, and ultimately, water damage. In addition, water may seep through or may already be seeping through those spots where mold and moss are present. So, it is best not to turn a blind eye when you see them. Instead, treat them with the appropriate solution and wash them off thoroughly. If you need gentle scrubbing to get rid of them completely, do so.

  1. Secure strong insulation

Insulation helps reduce your home’s energy requirements. However, if it is poor, heat may escape through the loft, attic, and roof spaces. That’s why you need to keep your roof insulation solid and secured so that you can enjoy big savings on your utility bills. Roof insulation may last up to 40 years in keeping your home within comfortable temperatures. However, it needs checking time and again to ensure that it is working well, covering the space with the proper depth.

  1. Have your roof evaluated by a professional contractor periodically or every six months

Skilled roof contractors can always do extra to ensure that your roof is at its best. They can perform a thorough inspection and do repairs as needed. With their knowledge and expertise on the finer details of roof health, you can be sure that you do not miss out on anything.

The secret to saving on roof repairs is being in control of your roof’s condition. Keep an eye on even the most minor issues and resolve them immediately before they get blown out of proportion.