When you’re in need of air conditioning repair, it’s important to have the right supplies. That’s why you should take a look at this ac chemical haul! This is a list that includes chemicals for refrigerant recovery, oil additives for lubrication, and more. You can’t hope to do your job properly without first getting the right supplies.

So let’s get on with this list!

Refrigerant Recovery Chemicals

You’ll need chemicals for refrigerant recovery when you work on air conditioners. During service and maintenance, portions of the refrigerant may be vented into the atmosphere as a result of your work. When you’re finished, you can recover the refrigerant by using this haul’s chemicals for refrigerant recovery.

Oxygen Scavenger Additive

You’ll need chemicals that remove oxygen from new pumps and oils when working on an air conditioning system. This protects the system against corrosion during storage, shipping, or installation. Make sure to include these ac chemical haul!

Filter Solvents

It’s important to have solvents for cleaning up filters after they’ve been oiled or serviced. This is especially true if your company operates multiple trucks or installs air conditioners at commercial sites with tight schedules. So be sure to throw some filter solvents in your haul!

Lubricating Oil Additives

You’ll need additives for lubricating oil when working on air conditioners. These additives help to reduce wear and extend the life of the equipment. They’re a must-have for any serious technician!

Pump Antifreeze Additive

This additive helps to protect pumps from damage during cold weather conditions. It’s important to have this additive in your haul when working in cold climates!

R-22 refrigerant

If you’re doing any repairs on an R-22 system, then buying new refrigerant will be part of the cost of materials for your repair job. The amount required will depend upon how much has leaked out of the system and how much needs to be replaced.

Refrigerant stop leak

If you’re not planning to replace any refrigerant, then using a stop leak will at least keep the system operating until you can get it repaired properly. Be very careful with this stuff, because if you use too much, you can actually damage the compressor.

Freon gas detector

If you’re working on an R-22 system, it’s absolutely essential that you have a way to detect Freon gas leaks. Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble.


This is a good solvent for removing oil and other contaminants from compressor parts.

Brake cleaner 

A good cleaner for cleaning off grease and other deposits from air conditioning and heating equipment.


A good all-purpose lubricant for protecting metal parts from corrosion.

Purple coolant

This is a type of antifreeze that’s used in air conditioning systems. It’s available at most auto parts stores.

There you have it! A comprehensive list of chemicals that you’ll need for air conditioning repair. Make sure to include all of these items in your haul, and you’ll be able to do your job properly or call us at 7 days aircon servicing Singapore. Happy repairing!