Guide to Buying Flowers At Home: What You Should Know

Sending flowers at home to a special person is a gift. It does not matter if it is a birthday, a marriage or any other important date, flowers always provide a share of good aroma and color in the environment, they are two of the most appreciated factors according to a  study carried out by a Chilean university . After these attributes, its life in the vase (3.98%), the length of the stem (3.74%) and the size of the flower (3.68%) are the most valued aspects. 

If you need to send some flowers home, Snap Blooms will send the gift you have chosen. We are a many year-old florist delivering unforgettable moments and with the best gifts for every occasion: from the classic bouquets, full of delicacy and shades, to decorative baskets with flowers or fruits.


Next, know why you should trust Snap Blooms and find out about the entire process to request your flowers at home wherever you want, quickly and safely. 

Flowers At Home: Why Choose Snap Blooms?

When it comes to flowers, having a supplier that always guarantees the quality of their products is essential if you do not want to disappoint with a bouquet of faded flowers or broken packaging. That is why at Snap Blooms we take care of every detail: so that you surprise whoever you want at any time of the year. 

Do you want to know more about why our clients prefer us? Check here the main reasons:

1. A Large Catalog of Products

At Snap Blooms there are so many product gift ideas that it is impossible not to find what you are looking for. In fact, if we don’t have what you were looking for, you can make a special order. Just specify the characteristics of that detail you have in mind and we will help you to elaborate it. 

Some of the great products you can find at Snap Blooms are: 

  • Birthday Flower arrangements.
  • Bouquets.
  • Gifts
  • Tropical And Exotic Flowers
  • Condolences
  • All House Plants

2. Stock on Demand

Don’t waste your time looking at products that are not in stock! Buying in Snap Blooms is easier, since the website only shows you the products that are available for delivery, according to the date and commune you select when you start the online purchase. Delivery times and values are also updated, so when placing your order you will see the availability for that day or for the next few weeks. 

In addition, there are cases in which, depending on the commune to be distributed, you can take advantage of free schedules and others with very affordable values. In general, to obtain the free dispatch it is necessary to contract the service at least one week in advance of the delivery date. 

3. Safe Delivery

You can send flowers with the assurance that the gift will arrive at its destination, since our delivery people will send you a photo at the time of delivering the product. This way you will be able to check yourself and in real time the fulfillment of the service. 

4. Order Tracking

Another great advantage of preferring Snap Blooms’s products is that it allows you to track delivery. When you make the purchase, you will receive an order number by mail that will help you check the status of the order. Follow the detailed instructions and make sure your package has already reached its destination with a couple of clicks.

In short, flowers are the best gift to express feelings, emotions and thoughts that do not need to be said in words. Therefore, give flowers or one of the products in our catalog and you will be delivering a message that is difficult to forget.

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