How To Make The Most Of Your Limited Garden Space

Many people have gardens that can seem rather constricting, dealing with a limited amount of space in which to make things work decoratively or even practically.

However, there are still yet many ways in which you can effectively utilise the space. Limited garden room is merely the next creative challenge with many avenues to explore. If you’re part of the increasing number of people looking for a new property with a gorgeous garden during these trying times, size doesn’t necessarily need to be any kind of dealbreaker.  

Here’s some suggestions on how to make the most of the limited garden space you have at your disposal.

‘Rewild’ Your Garden

Instead of asking what your garden can do for you, it may be prudent to first ask what it can do for others.

When smaller spaces are teeming with life, they can seem far more dynamic by virtue of their busyness alone. For example, if you have a steady flow of traffic when it comes to birds, your smaller garden will appear to be more visceral and alive. After all, you don’t need a large outdoor area to feature birdhouses and bird feeders.

According to The Guardian, there’re many ways to rewild your garden and attract a spectrum of bird and insect life, ranging from laying out the right foods to installing small ponds and flowering plants like hollyhocks. There are more options to discover too, but the larger point is that active gardens are a joy to behold, irrespective of size.

Install Affordable and Durable Decking

Decking might seem like something that is reserved for larger gardens, but that’s not always the case.

For example, the Greater Manchester decking project from UK Ecoscape is a fine example of utilising decking to the full in a smaller garden space. The client’s garden was on a slape and they strongly desired a comfortable seating area, and so the walnut decking was laid out effectively to make the most of the space available. The decking also had a 20-year guarantee, as durable as it was aesthetically pleasing to behold. Get in touch with the company for further project insight.

The larger point here is that these types of arrangements yield more decorative options. Decking can literally smooth things over and offer up an economically effective use of the space, enabling you to bring in things like outdoor furniture. Contact the services above if you’d ever like to explore these options further.

Decorate Walls, Fences, and Trees

In some cases, the space available to you is merely a matter of perception.

For example, you could wind fairy lights around any featured trees, draping them over branches and wrapping them tight about the trunk. Moreover, you can hang rustic clocks, wreaths, or planter boxes from walls, and strategically attach a few potted plants to the fences. Each of these additions can really embolden the space, turning a small garden into a snug, cosy sanctuary.

It’s easy to trick yourself into thinking that you have no space. Still, gardens are more than lawns alone. If you have a creative flare, these suggestions will make your outdoor spaces much more appealing than ones that’re just empty swathes of lawn. If you’re ever short on room, add depth.

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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