7 Clever Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Plants and Greenery

Nature is the most beautiful home decorated with lush greens and flowers of all different shapes and colors. It’s no wonder we humans love to bring some of that nature into our own homes to add to our decor.

Of course, we’ve been adding houseplants to corners and desks, hanging them from ceilings, and adding them to window sills for centuries. It’s time to find new and fresh ways to use plants and greenery in your home decor.

In this article, we’ll share seven clever ways to use what nature provides to spruce up your home.

  1. Match a Plant to Wall Art

To create a visually interesting area in your home, you can choose a plant and find a wall art to match.

This could either be a simple art print of the plant you have, making a sort of replica of the real life plant or you could choose art that compliments the plant.

This could be a print with the plant included somewhere in the artwork but not the sole composition. Having the plant near this piece of art will draw out the similar plant in the picture.

  1. Window Herb Garden

You can also create a space for plants that aren’t only beautiful but also fill a purpose.

Imagine reaching over and plucking a few heads of basil or snip off a couple sprigs of rosemary to add to your favorite meal. With an indoor herb garden, this could be a reality. The best place to place an indoor herb garden is by a window to allow plenty of sunlight to hit your herb plants.

You can either hang them individually or add an entire shelf across the width of your kitchen or dining room window. You can then place pots on the shelf with your choice of herbs. 

Read this guide for everything you need to care for your indoor herb garden.

  1. Climbing Plants on Your Walls

You can mimic the whimsical look of old castles and English cottages with their climbing vines covering the exterior on your interior walls.

Climbing plants like the Pothos vine or Swedish ivy grow well indoors. All you need is to provide the vine with something to begin their climb and watch them go!

You will need to regularly trim them back and guide them to where you want them to grow. Otherwise, you could have your whole house covered in no time.

  1. Focus on the Pot

There are many popular house decoration plants that are available to purchase. There isn’t really any way for you to find a new plant, although there are many unique plants to choose from. 

You can, however, focus your attention on what is holding the plant and make that as eye-catching or unique as possible.

One pot in particular that is often used with hanging vines or succulents is a pot formed like a face with the plant being the hair of the person. It definitely creates an interesting piece for home decor.

Another way to increase visual interest in your house plants is to plant them in unexpected home items such as baskets, oversized coffee mugs, and even large seashells.

  1. Green Up Your Stairway

Stairs are usually a boring essential in a two story home but you can create a green garden for your home on your staircase.

It’s the perfect place to place multiple potted plants because each stair will raise the plant a little more, cascading the green all the way down your stairs. 

  1. Indoor GreenHouse

Investing in a mini indoor greenhouse like the ones in this article provides a way to grow plants that need a controlled environment all year long.

Also, these little glass houses are cute and are a piece of home decor on their own. They look similar to the birdcage or hurricane lighting effects that are so popular in modern coastal homes. 

  1. Hanging Gardens

Like the hanging gardens of Babylon, you can create your own mini version in the warmth of your own home.

Instead of hanging just one pot, turn up the volume on the hanging effect by placing a cluster of hanging plants in a corner or your home.

This area will be full of life and greenery. It might just become one of your favorite spots in the house to relax in. Be sure to place a cozy chair nearby!


These seven indoor plant ideas will get you started in thinking outside the box when it comes to home decor using greenery. 

Then you can come up with your own unique way to add style with plants to your home and dazzle your visitors with your trendsetting ways. 


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