Hotel Recommendation for Best Short Vacation Experiences in Singapore

Have you ever felt like craving for doing to vacation but really think about the budget for accommodation? For some of us, budgeting becomes one of the obstacles we often face when we really need to have a short escape from our daily routines. However, we can deny that sometimes a short escape of vacation would really help to refresh our brains, should, and body after going through some hard times in the reality. Having a chance to go abroad to do a vacation might become a rare chance. However, it does not mean it is impossible to do. If you have a plan to have a short vacation abroad with a low budget but want a high quality and memorable experience, you can choose Singapore as one of the most visiting countries to do a holiday in Southeast Asia.

Things have become more accessible in this current situation. Booking a flight or place to stay overnight during vacation can be done by having the internet and a smartphone in our hands. Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp is the answer where you can book a ticket online for holidays. If you happen to choose Singapore for a short vacation, you better choose a place to stay that suits your budget and strategy for you to go around places by walking and using public transportation. Thus, we really recommend some hotels in Bugis as a choice for a place to stay for your short vacation. In this case, hotel 81 is also good to be considered.

Bugis street is one of the most visited places in Singapore. Besides being a place to shop for Singaporeans, this place is also a destination for tourists to hunt souvenirs at a cheaper price. Not only that, Bugis Street Market has plenty of eating options to keep hungry shoppers satisfied. So, staying in a hotel in Bugis will give you many advantages for a short vacation. In this case, Hotel 81 is a good hotel for short stay days away with reasonable prices. This place is near to Bugis MRT with 7-eleven inside it. Just like another hotel, hotel 81 provides you with basic needs such as Wi-Fi, TV, and breakfast. For budget travelers, this place is a good choice, considering the strategic location that will make it easy to go everywhere.

During your time going to Bugis street in Singapore, you will find various foods around the world, such as western-food styles, Turkish, fast food, and others. The fast food around Bugis street also opens 24-hour access so you don’t have to worry about craving food at midnight. Plus, the location is also close and walkable for 5 minutes. If you are a Muslim traveler, you don’t have to worry! Singapore is full of halal food since it is between the largest Muslim countries worldwide. You can find halal food on Arab street near to Bugis street. In Arab street, you can also find restaurants that provide Lebanese food. 

However, if you are walking through Bugs street, be careful and watch out for your belongings. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs around there, toys, and many more. As a note, there are no air conditioners at Bugis street since it takes an outdoor theme for the foods sell there. 

If you are interested in choosing a hotel in Bugis and hotel 81 as your choice for short staycation, don’t forget to download Traveloka or go to their official website to book your ticket flights and even your overnight stay accommodation. In Traveloka, you will find lots of promos and discounts offered. So, what are you waiting for? Download Traveloka now!