Window Repair Guelph – Major Problems and Solutions

Glass is fragile and it only takes a small crack for the glass of the window to break. The window has to be fixed as soon as the damage is identified. Homeowners cannot afford to wait, because a small crack can turn into a disaster if not attended to immediately. A repair should be attempted only when the individual is skilled in this work. Even before you begin repairing glass damage, it is best to consult a window repair Guelph professional.

Why Window Repair Guelph Service is Necessary?

A damaged window can destroy the overall ambiance. Following are the reasons for quick recovery of your windows

Issue of safety

A cracked glass is not safe for homeowners because it does not provide security. It is not easy to know when the windowpane is going to fall. This makes it unsafe for everyone in and around the house. You need a quick window repair guelph service in order to rectify this damage.

Issue of aesthetics

A window with cracks on it is not appealing. It needs to be taken care of so that the aesthetic value of your house is retained. This can be done by calling in-home window repair guelph professionals.

Issue of heating and cooling efficiency:

A broken window makes the house lose a lot of heat, during winter. A new window helps retain the warmth inside the house and also cools it down when it is too hot in the summer.

Common Types of Windows

There are different types of residential windows available. The most common ones are discussed below:

Awning windows  

These are similar to casement windows, except that they are hinged on the side. They provide ventilation and are ideal for kitchens.

Casement windows

These are hinged on one side and open outwards. These windows are great for providing ventilation.

Double-hung windows

These are the most commonly used windows in homes because they provide good ventilation, look nice and come at an affordable price. The two sashes that make up the window slide vertically by using counterbalance weights to open and close.

Sliding windows

These are very similar to double-hung windows. The only difference is that they have sliding glass panels instead of sashes.

Picture windows

They do not open at all and provide great views of the outdoors. They look great but are expensive because of their size, so they are mostly used in newer homes.

Bay windows

The multiple windows that provide a great view are called bay or bow windows. They can be fixed or casement, depending on the type of building where they are used.

Storm Windows

These are very inexpensive but effective in retaining heat inside the house. They fit over existing window panes and make use of air pockets to insulate the house. They are placed on the outside of the house but inside the window frame.

Window Repair Guelph Procedures to Keep in Mind

There are several steps involved in repairing glass damage at home. A few of them are discussed below:

Issue of Safety

The first step is very important. It involves assessing if it is safe to attempt the repair or not. The first step is to check if there are any loose parts that may fall off the window and injure anyone around it.

Assessment of Damage

Once it is ascertained that it is safe, you will have to assess the extent of the damage caused. This assessment will help decide how much time should be given to the repair work. It also helps in deciding if it is possible to undertake the task on your own or if help from professionals will be required.

Issue of Tools  

Tools are needed for repairing glass damage. Each type of window has different specifications, so you have to buy the right kind of equipment for this work.

Issue of Replacement Parts

Depending on the type of window that has been damaged, you will have to get replacement parts. You can buy them from stores that sell window parts or hire services.

Issue of Cleaning

After all the assessment is done and before starting with repairs, it is important to clean the glass. This helps in visual inspection of the damage. All dirt on the glass should be wiped off carefully using lint-free cloths moistened with pure water.

Issue of Removing Parts

If there are any broken parts, they have to be removed before you start repairing them. This can be done by wetting a rag and placing it over the broken part so that the glass sticks to it. Care has to be taken that no force is applied while carrying out this step.

Issue of Drying

After all the broken pieces are removed, it is important for you to dry the glass pane completely before attempting any repair work. This can be done by inserting a hairdryer in between the cracks of the window.

Issue of Reparations

Once you have removed all broken pieces, dried the glass pane, and assessed the damage, it will be time to start repairs. The most common method used is gluing a plastic sheet over the broken area. This method works for both flat and curved panes.

When to Call Window Repair Guelph Professional Help

In a lot of cases, it is possible for homeowners to carry out the repairs on their own. However, there are times when you need to call window repair guelph professionals. Some common situations where they help are:  The damage has been caused by extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. In such cases, it is not possible for you to do the repairs yourself.

There are times when cracks or broken pieces of glasses are too big and not possible for homeowners to handle on their own. There are many instances where if one glass pane starts cracking, other panes also might get damaged soon due to the vibrations caused by wind or storms.


If the glass pane has been broken because of an accident, it is important for you to take safety measures. It is not advisable to work around large pieces of glass by yourself. They can cause severe injuries if they fall on anyone. For smaller pieces, you can try other DIY methods, but it requires close attention at every stage so that you do not get injured. The best way is to hire a window repair guelph professional to help in such cases.