The Value Behind Using Stamped Concrete

As the weather begins to shift to warmer days so begins the desire to spend more time outdoors. Then just like an unwanted houseguest, the new and old cracks outside your home resurface as the perfect distraction from enjoying some well-deserved patio time in the fresh Spring breeze. The good news is there’s a solution to saying so long to unsightly surface cracks! 

Whether you are looking to do some fixing up around the house, buying a fixer upper or building a new home entirely, the value from choosing to upgrade to stamped concrete is definitely worth considering.  


What is Stamped Concrete? 

For anyone unclear on what exactly stamped concrete is, the answer is as simple as the name implies. Stamped concrete involves the process of using a rubber mold to imprint a specific pattern and texture into the wet concrete in order to create a desired look. In general, stamped concrete design is used to give the same appearance as pavers or other materials, such as: 

  • Brick
  • Flagstone 
  • Slate
  • Wood, or
  • Worn rock 

The best part is that stamped concrete can flawlessly imitate the same look as pavers and other materials at a much lower cost. In other words, stamped concrete is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too, because it creates the fancy look with the big price tag. 

Where Can Stamped Concrete be Used? 

Residentially speaking, stamped concrete is most commonly used to create beautiful design in hardscaped elements around the exterior of a home. An excellent way to enhance the look of any property, stamped concrete design can be used for various high traffic hardscape elements, such as: 

  • Around pools 
  • Driveways 
  • Pathways and walkways 
  • Patios and porches 

In other words, stamped concrete can transform a home’s hardscaping contractor to give the same appealing look as more costly options like pavers or stone. 

Why is Stamped Concrete Worth Using? 

The major benefit of using stamped concrete is the ability to upgrade the look of high traffic exterior surfaces, like a driveway, with beautiful design and durability. It’s time to break the preconceived idea of concrete being a less attractive or skeptical choice for exterior home upgrades by understanding the artisanal aspects and other valuable benefits stamped concrete has to offer.   

In addition to having an abundance of gorgeous designs using stamped concrete ideas, some other real benefits of this cost friendly material option are that concrete: 

  • Holds up better against surface traffic and wear
  • Lasts longer than other materials in nearly every type of environment 
  • Requires minimal maintenance in the short-term and long-term  
  • Never needs resetting or replacing 
  • Eliminates tripping hazards, like pavers that can become loose 
  • Is less labour intensive than pavers and other materials like stone 

Not to mention, stamped concrete Nashville can go over existing concrete and other materials like stone as an overlay. That means there is no reason to hold you back from upgrading using stamped concrete. 

Now all that’s left to do is decide which hardscape element to upgrade with stamped concrete first! 


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