5 Tips to Maintain Your Concrete Sidewalk

Step out of our homes, and you’ll see the streets lined with this narrow concrete. Not only that, sidewalks offer a safety boundary where you separate yourself from passing vehicles. 

It is crucial to keep and maintain a safe sidewalk. Not doing this will only lead you to accidents., if not getting hit by cars, then you’ll probably trip or slip along the sidewalk. Do not wait for a charming stranger to take your fall suddenly. Avoid it at all costs by following today’s guide and discussion on maintaining the sidewalks around your properties.

Here are five essential tips.

Easy to Follow Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Cleaning Tips

When you are done facelifting the floors and the exteriors in your properties, it is time to step out a little further. You may have concrete steps lining outside your homes or commercial properties. Do check around and see if some parts got cracks or loose slabs of cement. Have a scheduled talk with sidewalk repair Los Angeles and contractors in the area to give the proper fix. 

While you wait, here are things for you to follow to first aid any damages that can put a pedestrian in danger.

1- Quick Clean with a Power Wash

The most practical way to clean the sidewalk is through power washing it. It simply removes hard dirt that got stuck on the surface for a long time. The help of the pressurized water running over the surface helps the sidewalk restore its polished and neat look. 

2- Kill the Killer Weeds

One way to keep the surroundings looking fresh, appealing, and safe is to remove the ugly extending stems of random grass and weeds. 

Make it a regular early morning work-out to pluck random weeds that kills the vibe of your killer facade. Taking out the weeds will not only save you beautiful flower pots that adorn your home’s entryways. It will also stop its roots from trying to break out from the cemented surface. Weeds are landscaping problems that can extend issues outside by creating creases and cracks on the sidewalk. If not fixed, those cracks may cause someone walking peacefully suddenly to fall on its knees due to tripping.

3. Sealed with Protection

If you genuinely care for your surroundings, you will make sure the sidewalks are free from dents, holes, or chipping debris of cement. Not only will the spaces be mess-free, but they will also be accident-free. 

Concrete sealers are suitable and durable materials that protect porous slabs from cracking and getting brittle. Being outside makes the cement exposed to the sun and rain. The extreme change in the weather makes the material weak. So make it a goal to seal the concrete surface. Using a sealer closes the cement pores. In that way, moisture and other excess water will not seep into the material.

4. Pro Cleaning

For the fourth tip, we will remind everyone to seek a professional’s help continually.

The reality of getting the help of a pro is an absolute steal. You may be doing all the work on your own and paying no fees. But wait until all your cleaning reveals large deep cracks that already lead to more problematic issues, such as damages reinforcement.

Loose slabs are in no way a DIY job, so if you see one surfacing on your sidewalks, remember this tip, call the pros.

5. Melt No More

De-icers or melting compounds are a huge NO. These compounds may be helpful to melt the ice. But as they go down the surface, the concrete material may get damaged. De=icers used during winter to melt snow contain salt. Salt is a nemesis to concrete.

If you will use snow melters this coming winter, be sure to use them with care. Do not let a drop melt through the contrite slab. Salt compounds will cause corrosion. The salt targets the steel components of the floor’s reinforcement, making the structure weak as time passes by. 


Make it a habit to regularly clean your sidewalks. Provide a safe space to the people who may pass along and greet you on the streets. These tips aim to help you get ultimate service and safety assurance to hire a professional contrite contractor who can help you repair sidewalk issues that may arise.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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