Basics of constructing a modern garden office

Most people in today’s world are interested in taking their workstations to the gardens. This is where modern garden rooms have received a lot of attention. It’s partly because you no longer have to contend with your family members for personal space while they’re around. Even when you’re just moving a few steps, it seems like you’re traveling far away. Come and be inspired by these garden rooms that combine the finest of indoor and outdoor living, and while you’re here, learn some tricks for creating and maintaining them.

One of the best things that you can do is hire an expert that can help you with the landscaping work. You need to understand that this requires hiring an experienced and seasoned professional from a leading landscaping company in Dubai. This will help you streamline the process and make it efficient. In the following sections, we are going to outline some important points you need to know about constructing a modern garden office. 

For a garden room, is planning permission required? 

In various areas of the UK, there are a few minor variations in the laws. As a general rule, an outbuilding with a dual-pitched roof with a maximum eaves height of 2.5 meters and a maximum roof height of four meters won’t need planning approval. However, a construction that may not need planning permission in one set of conditions can need it in another. For instance, if your home is listed, you’ll need listed-building permission, and similar restrictions may be applicable in a conservation area or an AONB (Area of Natural Beauty). 

It is usually a good idea to speak with your local planning official before beginning any construction. The government’s online Planning Portal, which gives fast and simple guidance, is a fantastic place to start for England. In the remainder of the UK, the laws are largely the same. 

An insulation guide for garden rooms 

The ideal option is a garden room with insulation in the walls, roof, and floor; some of the less expensive log house designs lack wall insulation. Look for the U-value of the wall build-up on the specification provided by the majority of insulation providers. The insulation is more effective when the number, expressed in W/m2, is lower. 

How to provide a garden room with electricity 

Garden rooms often come pre-wired with plenty of lights and outlets. There are also often options for data lines, audio-visual cabling, and outdoor lighting. Who is in charge of connecting the room to the main supply is one area of uncertainty. While some vendors may include this service in the cost, others will need that you arrange and pay for it once the building is complete. Depending on how close the garden room is to the mains supply, prices may vary, but you should set aside up to $1,000. Current building codes must be followed for any electrical work. 

Heating a garden room 

No matter how well-insulated your building is, it’s good to be able to switch on a heater on colder days. However, not all providers include a heating source in their specifications. Popular alternatives include air conditioners that may provide cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter, such as underfloor heating. Portable oil-filled radiators or wall-mounted electric convector heaters are more affordable solutions. 

A garden room’s plumbing 

More and more buyers are including bathrooms, showers, and kitchenettes in their designs. This is maybe where planning authorization becomes more important. The majority of custom designers will be able to provide their clients with traditional systems that use the public sewage system or off-grid options like composting toilets. No of the size of the structure, the plumbing must adhere to current building codes just as any electrical work must.

Final words

You will come across the need to pay attention to these basics when constructing a modern garden room. To overcome hassle, make sure that you work with a reputed services provider, so that you can end up with getting perfect results. 

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