Things to Consider When You’re Thinking About Buying a Cottage

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These past few years have changed how many people see the world and how we live our daily lives, especially those who live in the city’s congested, fast-paced world.

It shouldn’t be a surprise then that curiosity and interest for those seeking the quieter rural life of the cottage have spiked over the course of the pandemic, especially when so many are now working remotely and no longer need to wait for retirement to get away from it all. Many city-dwellers are seeking to purchase their own remote slice of life, like these Muskoka cottages for sale on Lake of Bays, Ontario.

But there are a few things one should consider when it comes to buying a cottage, both pros and cons. Here are just a few of the things you should know about owning a cottage before you commit to buying one.

It’s Remote and Recharging

This is an obvious pro, but the cottage life offers you a chance at more space, privacy, security, and all the peace and quiet you could ever ask for when you need an escape from the rushed living of daily life. A Muskoka cottage is a great place to rest and recharge and allow you to center yourself and spend time with the family in a more relaxed setting.

It Brings You to Nature

Another great pro to owning a cottage is the connection it can bring you to the outdoors.

Whether it’s trees, hills, lakes, or stretches of green grass, where there’s no shortage of the great outdoors and natural views when it comes to the cottage, having extended easy access to the outdoors has tons of benefits, such as helping with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, as well as boosting vitamin D and mental clarity.

Things Move More Slowly

Depending on your lifestyle, this notion can either be a pro, a con, or both.

The slow-paced lifestyle of the cottage is often one of the biggest draws for people who consider buying one, but it’s important to keep in mind that almost everything moves slower out in the cottage country. This means you can expect a longer wait time for things like repair services, online orders, and general mail to arrive. You can also expect the possibility for larger delivery fees for items like furniture or packages, or you may need to commute to a nearby pickup station in case your cottage is out of the delivery area.

There are Associated Costs

This is a given for owning a property of any sort, but when it comes to owning a cottage specifically, it should be noted that maintenance fees can typically be higher than that of owning a house in the city. Extreme weather, invading wildlife and insects, and plumbing can all be contributing factors that bump up the fees associated with owning a cottage. Not to mention come winter when snowfall may lead to some roads becoming inaccessible or come at an additional cost to get plowed. These are things to consider when getting home insurance on your cottage during its purchase.

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