How to cool a small room in summers?

Winters are often deemed as the worst kind of weather, but the scorching summer sun will have fatal effects and dehydration. Extreme weathers are a big turn-off, but in temperate regions where the summers can be lethal, people should consider some DIY and technical ways to limit the temperature increase. 

Living on the ground floor during the day and making larger rooms is not feasible for everybody. Some people are bound to reside in smaller rooms or at the top-most floors. The best ways would be finding reliable AC units for the small windows or making the room cool through some DIY methods. 

Did you recently shifted to a temperate region, and the room is also a bit small? It will be exhausting living there in the summers, but here we are to guide you through it. We have enlisted a few effective yet simple ways to make the summers a bit bearable for you. These are very simple to follow, but unfortunately, most people do not dare to think and help themselves.   

Do not keep the indoor plants. 

Plants are a source of humidity, but are not you also a production house of sweat in summers? So what is the point in having the indoor plants with you? Take out all the indoor plants and manage the humidity in your room. 

Get the dehumidifier and exhausts.  

No, they do not make the air droplets vaporize by heating them. It will be a bit expensive, but such investment is better than the annoyance. Secondly, the bathroom exhausts must be clean and working. 

Get the smaller ceiling fans. 

A bigger ceiling fan will not work fine. It will only make the air go out of the room; each room requires a different ceiling fan. So, whenever you are upgrading the AC for a small space, always ensure the ceiling fan’s size. For this, you should consult an electrician from, who will be able to assist you appropriately.

Do not place the TV and lamps beside the wall. 

The machinery in your room gives out heat; thus, it is a cause of the temperature rise. First, try having minimum electronic devices in your room. Secondly, do not place the machines near the wall; it will block the ventilator, making the room even more suffocating in summers. 

Get an AC service before summers. 

The efficient AC unit is the basic need in summers. Even if you have an old AC unit, call the electrician to check if it is able to work throughout the hot season. Do the necessary changes in time; the best time to call them is in April, as they would not charge much then. In July, it will cost you double as per the demand and supply rule. 

The curtains. 

The warm and irritating heatwave would be devastating and sickening. To avoid it, you should have some cotton curtains at the windows. Not only will they resist the heat waves but also maintain a moderate indoor temperature even when the AC is turned off.