How To Deal With The Extra Junk In Your House To Make Your Space Clutter-free

A cluttered home is the beginning of many issues, and if you are used to it, it can be challenging to change. Many people want a clutter-free home, but they don’t know what to do or where to start. 

The hardest part of having a clutter-free home is dealing with the junk inside your house. You may have an emotional connection to the stuff, or you may not know where to put all the junk. 

The following are some ways to deal with the extra junk in your house and make your space clutter-free: 

Sort the Junk

If you want to get rid of the junk in your house, you should first start by organizing it the best you can. It will not be an easy task and will most likely take days to complete, but the results will be worth it.

You can organize the junk into three piles: things you need, those you will keep, and those you are not sure if you want to dispose of or keep. It will make it easier to remove the junk once you start organizing it. The best way to do this is only to keep things you have used in the past year.

It would be best to have someone else help you with the pile you are not sure about. After that, you will only have two piles, eliminating the clutter from your home much more straightforwardly.

Storage Facility

If you now have a pile of things you want to keep, the next step will be to determine where you want to keep it. If you want a clutter-free home, then you will not want to keep the stuff on your premises though you will have significantly less clutter. 

An external storage facility is the best solution if you want to put the stuff in a different location than your home. If you live in Brisbane, Redland storage is an option you might want to try. Such a storage facility ensures that you have a clutter-free home while still having access to your stuff. 

Putting your things in a safe and secure storage facility should be for those items that you still use, albeit occasionally. It would be absurd to pay the rent for such a facility for things you barely use. 

Get Creative with Storage

If you don’t want to pay the fee for a storage facility or still have use for most of the junk in your home, you should think of more efficient ways of storing your stuff. You will hence have a clutter-free home and still retain most of the items in your house. 

One of the best solutions in this regard is shelving. Shelves increase storage surface area many times over and offer plenty of space to store the stuff in your house. 

Using storage containers and baskets is another way for you to get creative with storage. Having secure and space-efficient ways to store your stuff will prevent disorganization and make your home clutter-free. 

You could also invest in seating or furniture with storage capacity and accomplish two functions with a single item. First, your living space will be clutter-free while storing things more efficiently without the need for more storage space. 

Make Donation a Habit

Most of us don’t give nearly enough, even when we have so much that it can no longer fit in our homes. Therefore, if you want to make your house clutter-free, you should get into the habit of donating to the less fortunate. 

There is plenty of stuff in our homes that we consider junk that other people, especially the poor, will consider quite useful and valuable. Therefore, every few months or so, you should clear the excess stuff in your home with the exact reason for donating to charity.

There are many ways you can donate to charity, including going to impoverished places yourself and giving out some of the stuff you own. If that is difficult, you can always find charitable organizations like Goodwill that will always accept donations. 

An act of charity goes a long way even though it involves things that you may not want. Giving is much more rewarding than a life of taking, and donating a habit will be uplifting. 

The single most crucial factor that will help you deal with the extra junk in your home is your ability to let go. If you can let the stuff go and be willing to part with them forever, you will find plenty of places to take them. The above ways are a great starting point to having a clutter-free home but feel free to find more ways that work for you.

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