Dublin’s Price of a New Driveway

In Dublin, are you looking to install a new driveway? Do you need to know the price per square metre?

To get a sense of the typical cost of a gravel, resin, concrete, tarmac, or block-paved driveway, refer to this comprehensive cost guide.

What is the Price of a New Driveway?

How much should you budget for a driveway?

The kind, size, and quality of the existing driveway will all affect how much it will cost to install a new one.

Which driveway is the most expensive?

Block paved driveways are very popular if you want to spend some money because they look beautiful! Nevertheless, depending on the size, you may anticipate to pay between €2111 and €11,111 for your driveway.

What if you have a hard spending limit?

The least expensive driveways are made of tarmac and gravel, with prices ranging from €1111 to €2111.

We can put you in touch with nearby driveway experts if you want to acquire a more precise estimate for your new driveway.

Driveways Costs

For an estimate of prices for various driveway sizes and types, see the table below:

  • Tarmac ‘2711-‘4811 for concrete; €1211–€1811
  • €2111-€3111 for block paving, €1211-€2411 for gravel, €1511-€2411 for

How much does it cost to supply a driveway?

You should consider the following costs for various driveway materials if you plan to install your own driveway.

Materials & Supplies for Driveways (m2)

  • Prices for tarmac range from €41 to €61.
  • Costs for concrete range from €51 to €111.
  • Costs for block panning range from €31 to €51.
  • 61 to 131 euros for gravel.
  • Resin costs from €31 to €51.

Driveway Price Types

A summary of the various driveway material kinds and their prices is provided here to aid in your decision-making. Choosing a driveway material can be difficult.

How Much Does a Gravel Driveway Cost?

Rocks, stones, clay, and sand make up the loose aggregate that makes up a gravel driveway. This driveway is one of the least expensive ones, costing between €1211 and €7211, and if properly maintained, it can last up to 111 years.

The primary problem with a gravel driveway is that it needs to be maintained frequently because gravel may easily be dislodged and needs to be replaced. Given that gravel driveways frequently absorb a lot of water, you can also be required to pay for pothole repairs.

A Tarmac Driveway’s Price

Tarmacadam, which is a combination of aggregate or crushed stone and tar, is what makes up a tarmac driveway. Depending on the size of the driveway, the normal cost of a tarmac driveway ranges from €1211 to €5511, making them one of the most economical driveway solutions that can be completed in a single day. Tarmac driveways may be installed rapidly since they can be placed over pre-existing driveways.

A tarmac driveway’s short lifespan compared to alternatives like concrete means that it could need to be replaced after about 21 years. Additionally, there aren’t many design alternatives, so it might not be the greatest choice if you want a distinctive driveway design.

How Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost?

With a lifespan of at least 51 years, a concrete slab driveway is one of the most resilient and long-lasting solutions. Because concrete is so strong, it can withstand the weight of large trucks without suffering any harm. The typical cost of a concrete driveway is between €2711 and €14,411; whilst this may seem pricey, it offers exceptional value.

Given that this sort of driveway needs yearly maintenance, including sealing, you will also need to factor the cost of upkeep into the overall cost of your imprinted concrete driveway. It is not the most aesthetically beautiful material, so it might not be the ideal option if you want to improve the appearance of your outside.

A Resin Driveway’s Price

Driveways made of resin can be bound or bonded. The gravel is combined with the resin in the first type, while the gravel is placed on top of the resin in the second. One of the least expensive solutions is a resin-bound driveway, with prices ranging from about €1511 to €7211 on average. Furthermore, installation is quick and simple.

Avoid parking on a resin driveway if you have any large commercial vehicles because it cannot support a significant amount of weight. You may need to factor maintenance costs into the overall cost of a resin-bonded driveway because they are significant.

Block paving prices for driveways

A style of driveway composed of ornamental bricks is known as block paving. Block paving offers a variety of designs that can make your driveway stand out, which is one of its main advantages. Block paving driveways often cost between €2111 and €9111, which is among the upper end price ranges, but it is worthwhile in the long term because repairs are typically inexpensive.

Since budget blocks tend to fade with time, many people choose specialty blocks, which can be significantly more expensive for driveway paving. It must be periodically maintained because it is prone to weed and moss development.

Costs of Dropping Kerb

Kerb dropping, which entails lowering it to make it possible for a car to park on the driveway safely and easily, is another crucial component you need to take into account when creating your new driveway cost budget. If your home is near a busy road, you’ll need the local council’s approval before making any improvements.

The average cost of lowering a kerb is between €311 and €611, yet the actual cost will vary depending on how many kerbs must be lowered and how deep.

What additional expenses does a driveway incur?

There are numerous other expenses to consider when having a driveway installed, such as:

Costs of Weed Membrane

You must have a weed membrane installed on your driveway to avoid wood growth. If you want your driveway to endure longer, this normally costs between €31 and €51 per square metre.

cost of a driveway gate

You might want to think about adding a driveway gate to complete your driveway and improve your home’s privacy. A wooden gate often costs between €811 and €1111, a metal gate between €311 and €511, while an electric gate typically costs between €1411 and €1611.

Costly extensive preparation

To ensure that the installation of a new driveway will be durable, it is crucial to prepare the land before beginning. This typically costs between €15 and €21 per square metre and involves levelling the ground and extracting any soil.

Drive expenditures from the past are eliminated.

The removal of the existing driveway is one of the main tasks involved in driveway installation. Depending on the material you select and the size of the driveway, this can cost anywhere from €511 to €1511, though exact costs will vary. The floor material will need to be torn up and removed via a skip hiring service, which might cost between €211 and €251.

Costs of Security Lighting

Installing top-notch security lighting to safeguard your home and loved ones is another option to improve security around your driveway. Installation fees for a 31-watt security light range from €111 to €151, while fees for motion-activated lights range from €151 to €211.

Costs for Installing a Driveway by Eco Landscapes

One of the most crucial cost factors to take into account is labour, which will vary based on the type of driveway that needs to be installed, the location, and whether the tradesperson is self-employed or employed by a company.

According to driveway installers, the job will typically cost between €151 and €211 a day, however this might vary depending on where you reside and the size of the business you select.

The Price of Driveway Upkeep

Consider the following driveway care costs if you want your driveway installation to be worthwhile and last for a long time.

Tarmac driveway upkeep expenses

You ought to think about using a sealer to shield your tarmac driveway from harm. For about €8 to €13 per square metre, you can hire a professional to seal your driveway.

Costs of Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Because they don’t need to be resealed as frequently as other options, concrete driveways require very little upkeep. Concrete driveway sealing often costs the same as tarmac driveway sealing if you decide to undertake it. You might also think about doing it yourself by buying sealant for roughly €3 to €6 per litre.

Block paving driveway maintenance costs

Block paving can last for up to 11 years with adequate maintenance. Applying sealant to the driveway surface to shield it from oil stains or other sorts of damage is one approach to achieve this. Block paving sealant typically costs between €5 and €7 per square metre.

Costs of Gravel Driveway Upkeep

The loose rocks or stones that make up gravel driveways are easily moved if the driveway is not maintained. You should try to frequently rake it with a high-quality rake, which will cost between €41 and €71, to keep it in good condition.

Resin roads already have a sealer, making them more permeable than other driveways and requiring less maintenance. De-icing salt should be used to preserve your resin driveway during the winter, as this will keep ice and snow from adhering to the surface. Normally, this costs between €1.71 and €1 per kg.

Costs of Driveway Repair

Your driveway could get scratches or tiny holes over time, which might make you want to spend money on a new driveway. You could only require a few minor fixes, though. Here is a guide to various driveway designs and repair prices.

Costs of tarmac driveway repairs

You might want to choose to resurface your tarmac driveway if you’ve had it for a while because it might have dents or scuffs that can’t be fixed. This simply entails adding more tarmac, which typically costs about €41 per square metre, on top of your current driveway.

Costs of Concrete Driveway Repair

One of the most resilient materials for a driveway is concrete. However, it might crack if left alone for too long. You can use a concrete crack filler, which costs between €8 and €16, to patch cracks or holes that are smaller than 1/4 inch wide.

Costs of driveway block paving repairs

Your block paving may have failed or empty joints that need to be re-pointed if you find that any of the bricks are loose. If there is any existing old mortar, it will need to be removed with a knife before the area is cleaned and fresh mortar is applied. DIYers only need a sharp tool and some pavement mortar, which ranges in price from €21 to €31 per tub, to do this task.

Repair Prices for Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways can develop potholes over time, which are not only ugly but also annoying and can harm automobile tyres. Before you fill in the hole with fresh gravel that needs to be compacted, you should clear the area of any debris to make sure it is level. You might wish to employ a professional to fix your potholes because it can be a labor-intensive process; their rates range from €151 to €211 each day.

Costs of Resin Driveway Repair

Your resin driveway may have a few minor damage spots that can be chiselled out and fixed. Even though it’s a minor work, it can be challenging since it’s crucial to use the same glue and because a smooth finish requires feathering the margins of the damaged region. For a resin driveway repair, you should budget approximately €151 if you hire a professional.

What Is the Time Frame for Driveway Installation?

The time required to complete the project, which is often decided by the driveway’s size and the type of material utilised, will influence the final cost of driveway installation. Look at the chart below, which details the lengths of various driveway installations, to better understand the time frame.

  • A day or two for tarmac.
  • 1-2 days to pour concrete
  • For block paving, 1–3 days.
  • 2–3 days for resin and 1–2 days for gravel

How Much Does a Driveway Removal Cost?

It will be necessary to remove the current driveway if you wish to replace it. Tarmac driveway removal typically costs between €411 and €711, whereas resin driveway removal costs between €151 and €451. The average price to remove other materials from a driveway, including gravel, is between €151 and €251. Block paving removal might cost up to €611 and a concrete driveway removal could cost between €511 and €1511.


Which driveway surface is the least expensive?

Tarmac and gravel driveway surfaces start at €1211 and are the least expensive. However, a huge 91m2 driveway made of tarmac may be had for as little as €5411, while a gravel driveway would set you back €7211 for a driveway of the same size.

How much does a driveway raise the value of a home?

A driveway can actually increase a property’s value by 5–11%, so if you want to increase the likelihood that your home will sell, you might think about replacing or building one.

How far down must a driveway be dug?

A professional driveway installer should excavate between 211 and 251 mm below the paving level for a normal domestic driveway.

How frequently should your driveway be cleaned?

The sort of driveway you have will determine how much upkeep is necessary. However, you should make an effort to sweep your driveway as frequently as you can. This entails clearing your driveway of debris such as leaves, sticks, dirt, and other items that could harm or taint it. Additionally, this will extend the life of your driveway.

A driveway should be sealed when?

After your driveway has been installed for at least six to twelve months, you shouldn’t seal it. You must give the driveway construction materials some time to acclimate, which is the reason for this. To keep your driveway safe from damage after a year has passed, aim to reseal it every two years.