How much does building a log cabin cost?

If you enjoy log cabins, you might be interested in finding out how much it would cost to construct one for yourself. We don’t blame you, either! We’ve looked at how much a log cabin will cost, regardless of the size you’re thinking of building (and the purpose it will serve).

A log cabin can produce the cosiest and most romantic living space, whether it’s for a vacation home, a new rental option, or a home to live in. Or, on the other extreme of the spectrum, increasing your usable area at home by building a log cabin in your garden can be a terrific idea. We’ve looked at how much a log cabin will cost, regardless of the size you’re thinking of building (and the purpose it will serve).

prices for garden log cabins

  • Price of the cabin: The cabin itself will set you back €4,111.
  • 1,111 euros for labour to erect a cabin

What is the price of building a log cabin?

The size of the cabin you want to build will determine the typical cost of construction.

In order to create a log cabin for your yard, you will need to budget between €1,111 and €3,111 for labour and between €4,111 and €15,111 for the cabin itself. However, the costs may be significantly greater if you plan to build a wooden home.

We offer products and rates

  • Labor and materials for cabin-based work 1,111
  • Veranda and base labour costed €511
  • Labor for roof insulation costs €611
  • Floor insulation cost €611 in labour.
  • The labour cost to insulate walls is €311.
  • Shingles for roofs Work €311
  • Rubber slate tiles have a labour cost of €311.
  • 511 euros for electrical work
  • For log cabin dwellings, €31,111 (log cabin kits)

How much does building a log cabin home cost?

Again, the size of a larger wooden house or log cabin will determine its final price. For a one-bedroom house, a log cabin kit can be built for as little as €31,111 or as much as €81,111 for a four-bedroom house with two bathrooms, a balcony, and decks. However, you might find yourself shelling out more than €111,111 for a custom-built home or a five-bedroom log cabin.

How much does a log cabin cost to build per square foot?

Budgeting between €1,111 and €1,211 per square metre of floor space is often a good idea. However, this price can vary significantly depending on the log cabin’s characteristics. To better accurately plan your budget, it is usually best to acquire a custom quote for your build.

What goes into constructing a log cabin?

By doing it yourself, you might be able to reduce the expense of building a log cabin. Here are the normal stages you or a pro log cabin builder will take if you’re thinking of building a log cabin yourself:

  • Floor planning and illustration: Determine the size of your cabin and the location of your floor joists in advance.
  • Post-installation: Drill holes for the posts before setting them into the stringers and securing them with nails.
  • Setting the rafter board: The centre rafter board must be set if your roof will be sloped.
  • Before installing your rafters, adding purlins, and screwing on steel roofing, angle them using a speed square, also known as a rafter angle square.
  • Lag bolting the sides: Add hurricane studs after lag bolting the outer joists to the polls for stability.
  • Install the floor joists, place insulating boards in the spaces between them, and attach the floor with glue and nails.
  • Soffit, facia, and siding boards should all be added before the siding.
  • The front door and windows will be studded following that.
  • The gable ends are finished with batten strips.
  • Finishing: Now that the fundamental framework is finished, take a seat and appreciate your job!

As you can see, this is a challenging project that is best completed by skilled carpenters and builders, especially if it will be used as a home.

It’s also important to note that plumbing and electrical issues are not part of these phases. Additionally, keep in mind any groundwork or a slab. This is heavily site-specific and frequently not included in prices.

Looking for a price on building a log cabin?

You can’t go wrong with a log cabin, whether you want to build a house without a mortgage or you want to expand your garden’s living space. Make sure you only collaborate with knowledgeable, experienced professionals.

To get started, conduct a search on the ecologhouse website to obtain a custom quote for your log cabin build.

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