Costs of door installation in Dublin

The hardware we use most frequently in our homes are the doors. We rarely notice them when they’re in good shape. However, we start to think about replacing them when they start to show signs of deterioration.

Researching door installation costs should be your first move if you’re considering about replacing your existing doors, upgrading, or expanding your home.

Fortunately, we’ve put up this practical cost guide for door installation. You will gain a better understanding of the various options to update the doors in your house as a result.

The kind of door that will be placed and the associated costs

  • a single uPVC door (including glazing and architrave) €111-€151
  • €125-€211 for a pair of uPVC French and patio door sets (including glazing and architrave)
  • Between €51 and €111 per softwood interior door
  • 61-111 euros per inside door made of hardwood
  • 111-151 euros for each exterior softwood door
  • 125–175 euros per door for a hardwood outside door
  • Brick cutouts for single doors cost between €75 and €111 per.
  • Brick cutouts for French or patio doors go from €111 to €151 per.
  • There are new lintels. per lintel, €111–€151

What is the price of installing a door?

The price of installing new doors will vary depending on a number of variables, such as the style of door, any installation-related issues, and your location in Dublin.

Internal doors made of softwood fall on the more affordable end of the spectrum. These cost somewhere between €51 and €111 per door, as opposed to uPVC French or patio doors, which install for between €125 to €211 per pair.

Budget between €51 and €211 for door installation as a general range.

The price of installing fire doors

An average cost of about €311 will be required for supply and installation if you want to install a fire door. Read more in our pricing guide for installing fire doors.

Installing a garage door costs

Depending on the size, design, brand, and model of the garage door you select, the typical cost to install a new garage door ranges from €551 to €2,511.

front doors, many types of doors, and their prices

  • Basic requirements/Flush ply €551-€1,811
  • Composite Door No glass standard specification $1,111 – $1,411
  • Composite Door Glass Panel, €751–€1,111
  • Basic specification uPVC door with no glass: €825 to €1,211
  • uPVC door glass panel €581-€951

How much does a new front door cost?

The style, size, and other accessories you select will all have an impact on the price of a new front door. For instance, installing a composite door will cost more than installing a new front door with conventional uPVC specifications.

Depending on the style and size of front door you have, the typical labour cost to install a door ranges from €225 to €311.

Additionally, remember to account for the price of door frames and make sure your door has a weather bar.

Expertwindows, a door installation specialist, advises, “You must take into account that door requirements vary greatly. You should carefully assess the door’s quality as well as, and maybe more crucially, the required fire rating.

When you take into account all the various types of locks, door furnishings, and finishes, every extra door option might significantly increase the overall cost.

cost aspects for a new front door

Several variables, such as the following, will affect how much a new front door will cost:

The resources

Traditionally, front doors and other exterior doors were made of wood. However, you may now choose from a variety of excellent materials, such as uPVC and composite doors.

Your choice of material will have a significant impact on the cost of your door. However, there are other elements that must be taken into account than pricing.

Even though UPVC doors are totally constructed of plastic and are very sturdy, there is no doubting that composite doors give a substantially higher level of security, something that should never be compromised on. Composite doors are made of a variety of materials that are crushed and adhered together under extremely high pressure. With a solid wood core and a combination of PVC, insulating foam, and other materials to make a dependable and durable door, they are chosen to balance out the shortcomings of one another.

The accoutrements

What extras are included with doors, you might wonder? What style of handle—as well as the colour and materials—are you looking for? What kind of letterbox are you looking for? Are there any additional security bolts that you need? Any of these choices must be well thought out because they could change the price you end up paying.

The workings

The price you pay could change due to the locking mechanism itself. Most contemporary doors from reputable providers will come equipped with a safe locking mechanism that complies with current regulations as standard. Alternative locking mechanisms, for example, can be installed as supplementary security measures. Even though these could be more expensive, they might be a necessary investment for someone who lives in a high-risk location or just wants to be extra cautious about their home security.

The manner

Given the large range of options available, the door’s style must also be considered. Making the perfect door choice is crucial since a well-designed door may significantly improve your home’s curb appeal.

If you want the most seclusion, a panelled door might be the best option, but a windowed door might let in a lot of light into a dim hallway. Making the appropriate design option that harmonises with the other aspects of your home shouldn’t be rushed.

Costs of installing letterboxes

You might need to purchase and have a mailbox installed separately because not all front doors come with built-in letterboxes. As a general rule, letterbox installation costs between €31 and €81. (not including the cost of the letterbox).

The type of door you’re having it fitted to, the style of letterbox you select, and whether you’re having it put simultaneously with your front door will all affect the final cost of letterbox installation.

Before having a letterbox installed, be careful to verify with the company who made your door to be sure it won’t void your guarantee. A specialist like ExpertWindows will be able to provide you with advice on this.

How much time does installing a door take?

External door installation typically takes two to six hours.

But there are a few things that affect how long it takes to install a door:

  • Whether or not the old door removal is included,
  • How many doors will be changed?
  • The installation type (e.g., patio doors will take longer to install than front doors).
  • Any modifications made (e.g., if the frame needs resizing).

The installation itself shouldn’t take more than a few hours, but to make sure your house is insulated in time for winter, we advise upgrading your doors when the weather is good.