Tips for Choosing the Right Building and Pest Inspection Company

Purchasing a new home is among the significant investments that you will always make in your life. It’s therefore important to take the right steps when it comes to choosing the best investment if you don’t want to incur expenses in the future after purchasing your home. Ensure you carry out a pre-property inspection to keep your building safe from pest infestation. Ensure you hire an expert from a reliable building and pest Inspection Company to do the work for you. Here are some of the things you need to look into in ensuring you hire the right people for the job.

Ensure You Check for Their Qualifications

Well, you will not love stashing away your hard-earned cash to a building and pest inspection that is not qualified to carry out the task. Make sure you choose a building and inspection company that is fully qualified and understand your building’s nature. Don’t hesitate to question their experience and how long they have been in the building and pest inspection market.

Another important feature you should expect from them is that they should be architects, surveyors, or qualified builders. Check their registration details online. Avoid using real estate recommendations because real estate agents are interested in selling, and they can never give you the reason you shouldn’t buy the investment.

Are they the Right Experts to Inspect Your Property?

Different properties require different inspection skills. For instance, you require an expert in pest tracking and analysis when carrying out pest inspection, which is different from inspecting a pre-purchase building where you will need an expert in the building trade. Ensure you find the right person for the job to get rid of any surprises that may arise after signing your contract.

Are they Able to Offer Thorough Inspection?

Remember to ask them the complete list of what they will be covering. This will help you to plan well because you know the expectation ahead of time. Building and pest inspection Brisbane takes between 30-90 minutes to complete work. But it also depends on your property and how complex it is. Some of the things you would want them to look at include leaks, cracks, mold, electrical faults, signs of pests, both foundation and roofing integrity. Building and pest inspection Brisbane takes care of everything, so you don’t have to obtain a separate pest inspection for your property.

Will They Allow You to Tag Along During Inspection?

The inexperienced building inspector will not love seeing you tag along with them during the inspection. They will be hesitant with your presence during the inspection. However, a reputable building and pest inspection company will be happy to let you accompany them during the inspection of your property. Professionals are also able to respond to your questions as you tag along. Avoid inspectors who don’t want you to come along with them because you never know if they are doing their job.

Check if they are insured

Ensure you choose a building inspection company that is adequately insured. Ensure that the building and inspection company you hire has at least professional indemnity and public liability insurance. This will provide you with peace of mind because you will not be dealing with scammers. Ensure you ask if they are insured before signing anything.


Making investment decisions requires you to be knowledgeable to make wise decisions. The easiest way you can get rid of unwanted inspection surprises is to choose a trusted building and pest inspection in Brisbane.