What is necessary when moving out of your home

We love to get around, and as a matter of fact, research suggests that, on average, people move every 5-7 years. Admittedly we tend to outgrow things, people, situations, and more so, places. So while the idea of getting a fresh start in a whole new space is exciting, one can’t help but acknowledge that it does come with its challenges. For instance, when should you pull out of your lease? What happens to your old address and emails? How thoroughly do you have to be with your cleaning? We’ll be covering all the nooks and crannies of the moving mayhem in a bit.

Six things to check off your moving list

We’re pretty sure you know all the basics by now- say labeling your boxes, contacting movers, the good old garage sales, et cetera. However, some minor details are easy to miss, and that’s what we’re here for; pre-gaming for the move to save you that last-minute panic.

Turn in the keys

I mean, how would you miss that, right? Well, it’s pretty standard for people to hold on to their old keys after vacating their old premises- and we’re not talking of the creepy souvenir kind. Half of the time, it’s because they’ve always been with you since God knows when so, it’s only natural. Therefore, we advise creating a mental note to round up all your house keys before moving out; we mean every single room’s key. Also, check with your friends and family to trace any spare keys you might have given them.

Update your address

You’re moving to a new place, possibly a new neighborhood, so it only makes sense to update your address. First, put down a list of any service companies or institutions you are working with that need your latest address. The net of institutions getting that forwarded address can look a little like your bank, PayPal, Amazon, and any online shops that frequently do deliveries for you. Concurrently, contact your local post office and request them to forward all your bills to the new address.

Hire professional cleaners

Between wrapping up, packing, and carting around labeled boxes, we doubt you’ll have the time to clean up the house- and considering the frustrating expense of moving, the last thing you need is the landlord holding on to your security deposit. As such, we advise working with the best house cleaning services in Kitchener- Waterloo, Ontario, to get the space spotlessly clean. Professional cleaning services handle vacuuming, mopping, polishing, and wiping down surfaces in your home, so you have one more thing checked off your to-do list.

Disconnect utilities

Contact the cable, gas, electric, water, and trash companies and inform them of your move- give them a precise date of your move and ask them to mail you the final bill. Some of the services you should also terminate are daily paper subscription, sewer, and security alarm systems- this way; you stay ahead of any inaccurate billing. On another note, we also recommend cleaning out your fridge before the big move- you wouldn’t want the new homeowner thinking they walked into a dumpster.

Pack a necessities bag

Coordinated packing is probably the most common packing advice you’ll ever get. However, while labeled and room-sorted box packaging makes unpacking a breeze, it is a definite way to frustrate you on the first night. If you don’t fancy being up past midnight rummaging through a ton of boxes for a toothbrush, this is for you- pack a separate bag with all your necessities. Put together some clothes to last you a couple of nights together with your hairbrush, straighteners, toiletries, and the likes. Make it a fun family affair if you’re moving with kids; who knows, their first night at the new house could turn into a makeshift indoor camping night.

Bottom Line

Moving houses is not the most straightforward task; after all, it is a significant disruption of your daily routine- not to mention the frustration that comes with settling into a foreign new space. So, quite frankly, we’re okay with anticipating a few hitches and stress episodes along the way because that’s just part of the moving cycle. But, conversely, there are several approaches one can take to de-stress the whole transition. Essentially, all you have to do is plan ahead of your moving schedule and get as many things as you can off your checklist before the D-day.

Humna Chaudhary
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