Does Humidity Hurt Bathroom Scales

Since the pandemic, many people have purchased scales because they have become quite conscious of their weight. Having a regular or smart scale in your bathroom is a great way to keep track of your fitness and health. If you have not heard of smart scales you can learn more about them on FitTrack.

Whether you are worried about your regular scale or the smart scale you invested in, it is good to learn about anything that can impact the lifetime of your bathroom scales. Humidity may also impact the accuracy of the results and measurements of your smart scales. In order to protect the lifespan of your scale, here are a few tips:

1. Keep away from humidity 

Scales give the best and most accurate results when they are placed at room temperature. Consider moving your scale from the bathroom if you or your family like showers to be steamy. Usually, scales are not waterproof so in a humid space, water can creep through the crevices. This impact will shorten the lifespan of your scale.

Humidity will also change your body weight. When it’s humid your body begins to sweat more so your body immediately has a higher water weight. Unless a scale is waterproof you want to avoid sweating while on the scale as well – the humid temperature will cause you to sweat. 

If you can’t move your scale to a dry space make sure to wipe it dry if there is water on it. Consider cleaning it regularly by giving it a good wipe down once or twice a month (depending on how many times you use it). 

2. Mind the weight capacity

The weight capacity of the scale should also be considered, it is there for a reason. Springs and staring load gauge cells are designed to only carry the weight that is mentioned on the scale. If something is placed on it that is heavier you will end up overloading and breaking the scale. Most scales usually carry up to around 300 pounds but others can hold up to 500 pounds. After purchasing your scale it is advised that you know the weight capacity in order to look after it properly. 

Storing different objects – whether light or heavy – will impact the accuracy of the scale itself. Storing objects on the scale may cause them to tip over or land on the floor, incidents like these can cause a lot of damage no matter how durable the scale is. 

3. No direct sunlight 

Keeping your scale in direct sunlight has a big risk of damage. Exposing the scale to too much heat will impact your digital scale’s internal components, this will lead to long-term damage and less accurate readings. Sunlight will affect the LED lights on the smart scale and strip or alter the color of any scale. Keeping it away from too much heat and sunlight will preserve the scale’s lifespan. 

In order to keep sunlight out of the room make sure to close the blinds or place the scale in your house where sunlight can’t reach it. Whether the scale is stored in the bathroom or the living room keeping it away from too much heat will make sure it has accurate measurements and increase its lifespan. 

4. Don’t drop the scale 

Yes, scales are durable however dropping it onto the floor and being rough with it will significantly lower its lifespan. Ensuring that you move the scale around with caution will make sure that its readings in the future will be kept accurate. If you want to move your scale to a different room, picking it up and placing it down carefully on a flat surface is what needs to be done. 

We’ve all had those moments of frustration after weigh-ins but try not to take it out on your scale. Kicking it or bashing it will just cause you to have to spend money on another scale. Even if you accidentally kick it when walking past it can damage its internal system and therefore the accuracy and lifespan. Make sure to keep your scale in a place where you won’t accidentally kick it when walking out the door, other than damaging the scale you’ll be stubbing your toe. 


To sum up all that we’ve talked about, taking good and correct care of your scale will prevent inaccurate readings and lengthen its lifespan. Keeping your scale in a humid area will cause water to sink into the crevices – this will damage the internal system. Humidity also increases your weight, causing your weigh-in measurements to be inaccurate. You should make sure to mind the weight capacity of your scale, read the scale’s weight-bearing instructions before buying it. This also means you shouldn’t store random objects on the scale wither, it will affect the accuracy of your results. Keeping the scale away from sunlight will prevent it from overheating. Lastly, like with many technological objects treat it with care and look after it.