Home Improvement Projects Worth the Money

Have you been searching for Boston houses for sale or houses for sale near you and considering a “fixer upper” but not sure if it’s worth it?  We’re here to help give you a few suggestions on home improvements that are definitely worth the time and money.


If your home or the home you’re considering has a less desired or outdated kitchen, a renovation is definitely suggested. Kitchens have continually proven to return 100% or more of your invested money when completed correctly. Homeowners are interested in having updated cabinetry, new appliances, and a seamless design. A good kitchen drives the price up of a home when it is particularly eye-catching.


In addition to improved kitchens, bathrooms come in at a close 2nd of well-worth it home improvement projects. When thinking about updating your bathroom, it’s important to first understand where to use your money. If there’s only one bathroom in your home, you will find a higher return of money if you install an additional bathroom rather than making the only bathroom newer. If you have an adequate amount of bathrooms, fixing up your current bathrooms with new vanities, a bigger shower, and updated fixtures can be a smart investment.

The Hidden Specs

When looking to update your home, it’s easy to immediately place your money on items you look at daily. However, you should also be considering the items that are used daily but easily overlooked. If your roof hasn’t been replaced in 10 years or your basement constantly leaks, these items should be at the top of your list. You’re going to have a difficult time selling a beautiful home with foundational issues or a leaking roof.


What homes catch your eye when driving through town? Most likely the homes that have curb appeal. A smart investment in your home is focusing on the beauty of the outside of it. A home should be inviting. After all, you want your guests to feel welcomed, not scared. A simple call to a landscaping company or replacing your old siding to new vinyl siding can make a great difference in the appearance of your home.

Save Money

Home improvement projects that are not only going to increase your home value but also lessen your regular utility bills are a win-win. Windows or doors that have large drafts should be replaced with new, well-fitting, and energy saving ones. You can also make a difference with the exterior of your home with the replacement of these items, in addition to lessening your heating or cooling bills.

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