A Guide On Getting Good Quality Sleep

Step 1: Determine A Bedtime And Stick To The Schedule

The best sleep tip is to create a sleep schedule and stick to it all the time. Essentially, this means that you should go to bed every night and wake up every morning at the same time. This creates a particular rhythm that your internal body clock will sync to and the rest of your body’s functions will also work much better. You probably don’t like the sound of this, especially if you have problems with your sleep and you don’t have a set routine. However, you should use a sleep calculator tool so that you can figure out the best time to go to sleep every night. 

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Step 2: Stop Consuming Caffeine By 2PM

You may be wondering, exactly how will ceasing caffeine consumption at a particular time will help you to experience better sleep. Basically, most of the effects of caffeine last around 8 hours and this means that when you stop consuming it by 2pm, you will experience a lot less effects at bedtime. Keep in mind that caffeine is a stimulant and this means that it won’t allow you to fall asleep on enjoy high quality sleep. 

Step 3: Avoid Drinking Alcohol 3 Hours Before Going To Sleep

It is a well known fact that alcohol makes you sleep. There was a Sleep In America poll done in 2005 and 11% of the people polled indicated that they drank alcohol to help them sleep a couple of nights every week. There was also another study done in Detroit where 13% of the people did the same. However, the truth is, alcohol is not a good way to help you to sleep. Yes, it does make you feel tired and sleepy, however, it prevents good quality sleep in the following ways:

– Causes dehydration

– Prevents you from going into the deeper levels of rest/sleep

– Makes you wake up during the night to urinate

– If you drink before bed, then it will lower your REM sleep and increase your NREM sleep. Getting REM sleep is very important to store and organize various memories. So, when you don’t get enough REM sleep, this will negatively impact your body and brain. Also, REM sleep is the sleep stage where you tend to burn the majority of your calories. Keep in mind that alcohol has lots of empty calories, so if you’re trying to lose weight as well as get better sleep, drinking before bed is a bad idea. 

Step 4: Don’t Exercise 4 Hours Before Its Your Bedtime

Exercise is certainly good for you since it helps to improve cardiovascular health as well strengthen bones and muscles. Lots of people with sleep problems usually don’t get enough exercise which is good for sleep. When you exercise during the day, it will help you to fall asleep much faster and you will enjoy deeper and better quality sleep and be better able to learn when awake according to here. Additionally, exercise also makes your body create growth hormones which are necessary for repair. This means that while you sleep, your body will actually repair and revitalize itself. There are numerous patients who indicate that they get much better quality sleep when they exercise every day. They also feel better the next day and most of them report feeling quite rejuvenated, alert and focused.