What Will Be the Mark of a Trendy Bathroom in the Coming Year? Here Are the Deets!

The bathroom is a favorite space in the house that you always like to keep updated. You can be ready to invest in its new look because its ambiance contributes immensely to your happy morning or bedtime routines. Since every year brings something unique to add to this private corner’s decor, you can be eager to learn about them to pick and apply the best options. Whether you want to transform this personal area for a sleek or minimalist feel, it can be your house’s most stylish and functional den. So, let’s explore the 2024 wish list for bathroom remodeling.

Zellige tiles

You can refer to them as Moroccan tiles, zilij, or zellige terracotta tiles. These have been adorning laundry and kitchen backsplashes for a long and will continue to enjoy their place in 2024 as well. But you don’t have to wait for kitchen remodeling plans for this. Your bathroom can also welcome this style wholeheartedly. You can build the walls or shower area with this tile that stands out for its excellent organic shape. Their versatility makes them a perfect companion for any wall color. So, don’t worry about the paint. Once you install these tiles, your bathroom will convert into a timeless beauty because of their handcrafted appeal. For ideas about the shape and proper design, you can contact a well-established general contractor. Discuss the budget and installation charges, too.

Bathroom Vanity

A spacious shower room must go for a double vanity, mainly if it’s meant for couples. Your mornings will be sorted, with each partner having a dedicated space for early morning rituals. A large vanity for two will also increase storage space through more drawers and shelves. You can choose a vintage vanity design for a small bathroom with a classic theme. A dresser-like look carved in dark wood can be perfect. Adding a marble countertop and an elegant sink can enliven the overall vibe. Backsplash can be curved marble design, though. Someone who appreciates the old-world charm can enjoy such details more. However, modern bathrooms with limited square footage can choose a space-saving floating vanity. 


A large bathroom facelift project can also include wall work. While designs are galore, paneling or shiplap still stands out. But these styles can be suitable if you apply mold and mildew-safe paint. 

Spa-like amenities

Again, emphasis on modern comforts is evident even in 2024 as designers predict homeowners will spend on spa-like features, such as heated floors, soaker tubs, towel heaters, steam showers, etc. The list is endless. No matter the selection, these features promise to make even an ordinary bathroom extremely special. With its pleasing aesthetics, the functional space can lure you into spending more time here.

Medicine cabinets

Older houses featured small wall-fitted cupboards with mirrors. These served the role of medicine cabinets. While earlier styles had an outdated look, the new cabinets are the far improved versions with fabulous shapes, sizes, and designs. For example, recessed options can be seen garnering lots of attention in medicine cabinets for their ability to be extra spacious while maintaining the regular mirror exteriors. 2024 is all set to welcome this addition because of the growing inclination toward a clutter-free countertop approach. 

These are only a glimpse of what you can do with your future bathroom when revamping its aesthetics and functionality.