How to Stay Comfortable in the Summer Without Overusing Your Air Conditioner

When the temperatures get unbearably hot, it’s tempting to turn up your air conditioning, but every time you do, you’re increasing your monthly bills. Don’t worry! We have a few ideas, techniques, and solutions to keep you and your house cool. 

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Set the Ceiling Fans to Rotate in the Opposite Direction

While turning on your ceiling fan will not decrease the temperature, turning it counterclockwise will circulate airflow and create a wind-chill breeze that will make everyone in your home feel a little cooler. 

With the fan going, you can raise the temperature by 4°F without losing comfort, so it’s an excellent method to keep your house cool with little effort.

Use Your Other Fans in Your Home

Now that you learned that you could make your ceiling fans spin counterclockwise, you can use your other fans in your house to do the same. You can help remove hot air from your house by using your oven and bathroom exhaust fans. They’ll aid in humidity management and the ventilation of severe outdoor temperatures. 

If your home has an attic, you should consider adding an attic fan to keep the indoor temperature cool, especially if the HVAC unit is located there. If you need air conditioning service in Fairview, TX don’t hesitate to contact the experts. 

Close the Doors in Rooms that You Don’t Use

While we don’t advocate closing vents, we suggest closing any doors to areas you don’t use often. Doing so will keep your house cool during the warmest hours of the day because the air will circulate in the places you use the most. 

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Open Some of Your Windows at Night

Allow the cool, crisp night air to enter your bedroom. Make the most of the cool temperature in the evening. Just remember to close it first thing in the morning, or you’ll be allowing heat into your house. If you’re going to open your windows, consider putting a box fan in the window to force the heat outside.

Replace Your Incandescent Lights With LEDs

If the energy savings weren’t enough to persuade you to replace your light bulbs, the heat they produce would. Only 10-15% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs is utilized for illumination, with the remainder being used to generate heat. Switch to compact fluorescent lamps to reduce heat emissions and energy consumption. 

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Install Blackout Curtains and Close the Blinds

Blinds may help keep sunshine out. Even while you may not notice a difference as much as you would with trees, blinds may save you up to 7% on your monthly energy costs. 

Furthermore, blinds may result in significant temperature reduction (as much as 20 degrees). When you add blackout curtains in a neutral hue for natural insulation, you’ll be able to decrease heat input by approximately 33%.

Maintain Your Cooling System

Routine maintenance is required to guarantee that your system operates as effectively as possible. When the seasons change, we suggest A/C system maintenance at least twice a year. You may do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. 

Whichever you choose, don’t wait until your system is experiencing issues before taking remedial action. The key to efficiency and cost savings is preventative maintenance!

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