How To Prepare Your Office For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When you spend almost all your time at work, having a clean and comfortable office is of utmost importance. An unkempt space with dingy carpets and stained upholstery gives a negative impression to visitors, as well as your team members. To keep the productivity of your employees high while creating an impression of professionalism, it’s important that the office is always clean and tidy. However, this isn’t easy when you have several employees coming in and out every day with new clients and business partners joining them regularly. Your carpet is one of the main areas of the office that is most affected by the influx of people. Nevertheless, with the help of commercial carpet cleaning services like Zerorez, your carpet will be professionally cleaned out without any stress to you and your employees. 

However, to enjoy more efficient and effective commercial carpet cleaning services, it’s best to get your office ready for cleaning. 

Here are a few tips to help you prep your office for commercial carpet cleaning services:

Clear Out the Furniture In the Carpeted Areas

Office furniture like chairs, cabinets, and desks sitting on the carpet should be carefully moved away to allow full access to the floor. Also, office machines, appliances, files, decorations, and whatever else might be sitting on the floor should be cleared. Make sure that a large majority of the carpet is exposed for adequate cleaning. 

Tie-Up Curtains and Draperies

This step isn’t necessary if you have window blinds in your office, but it’s very important for offices with full-length curtains. Make sure that all draperies and curtains sweeping the floor are folded and pinned up. The curtains should be pinned up at least 6 inches above the ground to prevent hindrance during the carpet cleaning process and also protect the curtains from absorbing carpet cleaning solutions. In addition, make sure to remove tablecloths, sweep the floor and remove upholstered furniture that can absorb water.

Take Note of the Stains and Spills on the Carpet

If there are areas on your carpets that have substantial stains, make sure you note them and call the attention of the commercial carpet cleaners to those areas. You can do this during the commercial carpet cleaners’ initial office inspection. This will help them assess the damage and determine the necessary steps for removal. You should also inform the cleaning company about the damaged areas of the carpets if any, so that proper care will be taken during the cleaning process.

Vacuum Your Carpets

Vacuuming the carpet is the first step that precedes professional cleaning. It helps to remove dirt and dust from the surface and allows deep penetration of the cleaning solutions. Although most commercial carpet cleaning experts include vacuuming in their services, it’s best to confirm from your carpet cleaners. If vacuuming is not included, you need to get your carpets vacuumed properly in preparation for the commercial carpet cleaners.

Clear Your Driveway

On the appointed day of your commercial carpet cleaning, make sure to reserve the parking space directly at the entrance of your office. This will give the professional cleaners easy access to their vehicle. Professional cleaners offer their services with various machines and cleaning supplies, and it could be difficult if the cleaners have to walk blocks to their vehicle to get their cleaning equipment. It’s important to reserve the closest parking space to the entrance of your office if possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Carpet Cleaning 

How often should I clean my office carpets?

According to carpet manufacturers, it’s recommended that carpets should be cleaned by professionals once in 18 to 24 months. However, this can vary based on the usage or traffic trampling on the carpets daily. Some commercial carpet cleaners advise that carpets in high-traffic areas should be cleaned at least three timesthrice a year and carpets in low-traffic areas should be cleaned once or twice a year. However, keep in mind that your office carpets are the first filters in your office or home and they absorb and trap dirt brought in from the outdoors. When carpets hold in too much dirt, it won’t only appear unclean, it could lower the air quality in your officemake the air in your office unclean and contaminated. Therefore, be sure to request professional carpet cleaners as often as you need them.

What cleaning technique is best for cleaning my office carpets?

There are several types of carpet cleaning methods that can be used for office carpets but most of these cleaning techniques are not efficient. One of the most effective carpet cleaning techniques that can be used in your home or office is the Zr Water®powered water cleaning technique used by Zerorez®Zerorez. This cleaning method is an innovative carpet cleaning technique created based on Zero Residue®Zr Clean™ technology. It involves the use of oxidized and electrolyzed enhanced water which is safe for your family and petsto drink but also cleans out carpet dirt with incredible easeoutstandingly. This cleaning method doesn’t involve the use of any toxic or harsh cleaning agents. 

Furthermore, their  Zr Water®powdered water carpet cleaning technique otherwise known as the Zr Process®Zr Clean™ leaves no residue behind. It doesn’t leave residual dust nor does it leave residual soap that could attract more dirt and dust after cleaning is completed. 

How long will it take my carpet to dry out?

The answer to this question is dependent on the room temperature, humidity, and most importantly, the type of cleaning technique used to clean up your carpets. For instance, if Zr Water®Zr Clean ™ is used on your carpet, you can expect your carpet to dry faster in comparison to other carpet cleaning techniques. The Zr Process®Zr Clean method uses rotating brushes to dislodge dust and dirt from the carpet and then uses a minimal amount of water to clean out the dirt. After the cleaning process, it can take up to 24should take between 4 to 8 hours for your carpet to dryto get dry completely. 

Commercial carpet cleaning experts can help transform the look of your office with their impeccable carpet cleaning services. However, adequate preparation on your part will help you get the best out of their services. 

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