6 Reasons Why Hard Wearing Carpet Tiles Are Good For Offices

Your office design is a reflection and extension of your business—it pictures your productivity, collaboration, professionalism, and success. So, it only makes sense to also implement some design changes once in a while to better improve your office ambiance. From office décor and furniture pieces, to wall paint and flooring, office improvements can give your employees a breath of fresh air.

Offices are very busy areas, and they’d usually a hard wearing type of flooring that won’t easily get damaged with high traffic. And, one of the best flooring materials suitable for offices is carpet tiles. Carpet tiles perfectly fit office spaces for a lot of good reasons, which will be discussed in detail below. 

  1. Easy To Install

Carpet tiles are easy to install, plus they won’t take up so much space in the storage, unlike carpet rolls. While carpet rolls need several people for them to be installed or removed, one person can easily lift and stack carpet tiles for future use. Also, carpet tiles can be easily remodeled in irregular edges, and they’re highly suitable for large offices. 

Hard wearing carpet tiles are practical because installation is a lot easier, which saves you a great amount of time and money. Carpet tiles have a strong backing, so they don’t require underlay. If one area is damaged, you can easily replace single carpet tiles than incurring high replacement costs for a whole carpet. 

2. Extremely Durable

Hard wearing carpet tiles have high resilience, making them ideal for any room or office area that receives heavy traffic. Carpet tiles have a good layer of padding, suppressing the pressure of traffic, so there’s less wear and tear even with heavy use. 

Other types of carpets can easily wear and fade, but carpet tiles retain their original appearance even with continuous striding or moving of furniture. Whatever office desk you have, such as standing desk, carpet tiles are durable enough to withstand it.

3. Aesthetically Appealing

Choose from a wide variety of carpet tile designs, color, and sizes. Choose a carpet tile design that perfectly reflects your company’s identity, and something that complements your existing office décor. 

The design patterns available are perfect for any office theme you prefer, creating a new and unique look for your board room, production areas, and other spaces in your office. Inspire your customers and guests with a neat and modern office look!

4. Provide Utmost Comfort 

Carpet tiles provide a more pleasant walking experience because this type of flooring has some form of cushioning. They are more comfortable to stand on than hard floorings, so standing for a long time won’t cause too much muscle fatigue and stress.

5. Provide Excellent Sound Insulation

Carpet tiles can help reduce the noise levels in your office because they provide excellent sound insulation. Provide a more comfortable environment for everyone in the office by installing hard wearing carpet tiles.

6. Easy To Clean And Maintain

Carpet tiles can be easily cleaned and maintained by regularly vacuuming carpeted areas in your office. The stained areas can be handled by scrubbing them with a mild detergent and water solution. No need to pull out an entire carpet if there are stains, discoloration, or damage because each tile can be replaced without interrupting the rest of the carpet.


Hard wearing carpet tiles provide several advantages, such as attaining a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing work environment. They are easy to install in large office areas, and even in offices with plenty of irregular edges. 

Furthermore, carpet tiles reduce noise levels inside offices for greater productivity. Also, carpet tiles are easy to clean and maintain. If a stain or damage is beyond repair, individual tiles can be easily replaced without interrupting the entire office environment, unlike when replacing a whole carpet. 

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