The Top Secrets to Achieving the Best Show Home Appeal for Your Property 

Almost everyone knows that show homes are just that – homes specially designed to showcase an irresistible ambience. Show homes are staged, which means they are designed to set the right mood and make buyers sit up and take notice. As a result, show homes often look bright, big, clean, and warm – but all of this didn’t just happen by accident. Showhome design is a carefully thought out process, and it entails a lot of consideration. But there are a few things you can do – some simple, some less-than-simple – to achieve the best show home appeal for your property. Here, then, are the top secrets to getting that brilliant show home look.

Make it look huge 

If may have already noticed, show homes always look huge. The idea behind a show home is to make it appear as spacious as possible, and there is no clutter anywhere. That said, choose your furniture carefully so that it isn’t too big for the space. The point is to show viewers how much floor space there is and make sure buyers can walk easily through the rooms.

Go for simple and attractive décor

Attractive décor is a must, but try to keep it simple. Of course, you can go for statement pieces here and there, but the main elements must exhibit simplicity. Think of clean lines and shapes, and make sure that each piece is easy to look at and not too overwhelming. Go for crisp and fresh décor – you don’t have to put fresh flowers in vases at every corner, but you can keep it modern and elegant with elements that exude simplicity. 

Take advantage of the mirror effect

If you walk through a show home, you will probably see a lot of mirrors. Mirrors are your best friend when it comes to your show home, as show home specialists like attest, as they can reflect light and bounce it around a room. When you place a big mirror in a room, it can also deflect the viewer’s attention away from a weaker spot or area, like a dark corner or nook. If your show home has an internal hallway without much light, you can utilise mirrors to brighten up the space as well.

Don’t forget to make a statement with lights and lamps

Another essential aspect in terms of show homes is statement lights and lamps. Whilst we all know that lighting is useful for a lot of things, it can also set an atmosphere and mood. You can use it for highlighting a unique feature, such as a sculptural piece. A chandelier can serve as a (literally) brilliant focal point for a dining room or living area. When buyers are going through the home, make sure you turn on the lamps, too! 

Add appeal with the right bedding

Most experts will also tell you how the right bedding can make an impact and make a bedroom look cosier, and most recommend using white bed linen – the crispness of those sheets and pillows will add to the room’s appeal and feeling of cleanliness. If you want to make it more attractive, add a plush throw and colourful, plump cushions. Accessories can also make a difference, so add a few to the room to make it look more coordinated.