6 Benefits Of Curtains And Blinds

Every window in your home deserves a good window treatment as it can truly add beauty to one’s home. When it comes to choosing the right treatment, there are two main options that you could choose from: curtains and blinds. While the choice can be up to you as to how you’d like to allow your home to look, both provide similar and great benefits to your home as well.  

A curtain is a piece of large fabric that can either be sheer or thick, depending on the type of material you use. It can also come in plain colors or patterns, adding life and vibrance to the room.  

A blind, on the other hand, can either be made from wood, vinyl, or fabric. Blinds can come in the form of slats or a whole piece of shade to cover the entire window. However, with a blind, you need to be specific with the size to ensure it can protect your full window. There are plenty of companies like Make My Blinds that create custom blinds you can find online. Just ensure that you purchase from a reputable company.  

Moreover, listed below are the benefits of having curtains and blinds for your home:  

1.     Provides Privacy 

Everyone needs to feel safe and secure while inside their own homes. However, if you allow strangers to see your home through your windows, you might not be able to be feel protected inside.  

People need privacy, especially in their own homes. Would you be comfortable knowing that other people can see exactly what you’re doing at home? It could be a yoga routine, cooking your favourite meals, or dancing to your favourite tunes. While it may seem to be harmless, it’ll not protect your family, especially when you have kids around, or you dress in a way that other people mustn’t see.  

To provide privacy for your household, it’ll be helpful if you get to add curtains and blinds to your home’s windows so that you can disallow people passing by your house to see what’s happening inside. 

2.     Prevents Direct Sunlight 

If your home gets direct sunlight during the hottest time of the day, you might not enjoy the intense brightness it brings to the room, especially when your eyes are sensitive to light.  

With curtains or blinds, you can eliminate the possibility of direct sunlight coming inside your home, damaging your furniture made from softwoods and leather which aren’t ideal for hot climates. 

Curtain interior decoration in living room with sunlight

But, don’t worry, curtains and blinds wouldn’t provide complete darkness inside the room (unless they’re blackout curtains), so you can still allow some light into the room. Depending on the blinds, you can control the amount of light that goes inside your room.  

3.     Keeps The Room Cozy 

When intense sunlight goes inside the room, not only can it light up the entire area, but it can also add heat to your space, which is not helpful, especially during summer. Even if you have thick glass windows, the heat can still pass through and warm up the entire room, forcing you to turn up your AC. 

Apart from the heat, your windows can also allow the cold air to pass through during winter. With that, your heater might need to work extra so that it could effectively heat your entire space. Not only that your HVAC system would work harder, but it can also result in a higher electricity bill.  

With curtains or blinds installed on your window, you’re blocking the light from passing through your room. It can also prevent weather elements from coming inside, like snow or rain when the window is open. This way, you can maintain the room temperature so that your HVAC system wouldn’t work twice as hard just to heat up or cool down the room.  

There are plenty of thermal curtains or blinds that help insulate your house from the outside. This way, you can enjoy the controlled temperature inside your room.  

4.     Decorates The Room 

You’d be surprised with how much a window treatment can enhance the overall look of your home’s interior design. While a wide and vast window can be fantastic to look at, adding curtains or blinds can improve its overall appearance.  

With curtains or blinds, you have various choices when it comes to design and colours. You can choose a classic look where you use plain neutral and earth tones to provide simplicity and elegance inside the room. If you’d like to add vibrance and more life inside the room, you can choose loud colours or patterns.  

When it comes to decorating the room with blinds, ensure that you try to keep it well-balanced as much as possible. If your interior design is full of pop colours and patterns, you might want to avoid using a similar look and try to go for a simpler one instead—the key to decorating the room is balance so that you can prevent overpowering any pattern.  

5.     Reduce Outside Noise 

When you have an excellent window treatment inside your home, it’s possible to reduce outside noise from coming inside your homes.  

When your curtain or blinds are thick enough, they could block out the noise from outside. It should allow you to have a peaceful day in your home alone, without being bothered by the intensity of the moving cars, barking dogs of your neighbours, and even the sound of the next-door construction site that’s annoying you for ages.  

While having a curtain or blinds won’t eliminate the noise from the outside completely, it can help reduce it, allowing you to fully relax and focus on the things you need to accomplish at the end of the day.  

6.     Increases Your Home Value 

If you plan to sell or rent your house, you can see the difference when it comes to the increase in your home value when you have curtains or blinds installed on your windows.  

If you choose to have a floor-to-ceiling sheer curtain on your window, you can add elegance to the room, making it look more luxurious and beautiful. A sheer curtain is perfect for providing privacy, while still allowing the light to come inside the room. It’ll create an ideal balance of simplicity and luxury. 

With the right window treatment, you can drastically increase your home value, allowing you to earn more than what you’ve anticipated. 


Basic curtains and blinds aren’t costly, and you can get some from your local store. You just need to ensure that you purchase window treatment that’s a perfect fit for your window for a beautiful finish. With curtains, feel free to play around with colours and patterns as they’re easily interchangeable. However, with blinds, you can always go for timeless beauty.   

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