How to Keep Your Things Safe When Renovating

Renovating the home is such a beautiful thing. There’s the excitement about the new look, the hassle of getting it done, and the anxiety about how to store your properties safely. Without access to reliable storage spaces, it might be such a problem to renovate the house as fast or as soon as you want to. To make your renovation experience easy and enjoyable, we have researched and listed a few ways you can safely store your items below;

Ways To Safely Store Items

Use self-storage

Self-storages are secured temporary storage facilities where you can safely keep your stuff while renovating your home. When renovating, you need a place to safely store your items and create space for the renovation to occur. A self-storage checks that. Self-storage companies let out space in a 24/7 secure location that you can access anytime you wish to. Not only that, most self-storage spaces are carefully selected places where moisture or pests can’t be an issue. Why self-storage?

  • You can store your items more securely
  • It prevents your stuff from damages.
  • It keeps your working space free and easy to work in. 
  • You can rest easy knowing your things are safe and concentrate on other things.
  • You don’t have to delay your renovation because you are looking for where to store your stuff.

Store things in other parts of the house

If you are not doing a complete renovation, you can also store your items away in other parts of your home, like the garage. If you use this method to keep your things while renovating, make sure you arrange them neatly and tighten the security around that part to prevent breaking in. You also don’t want to leave any traces that can invite burglars. Remove all the signs that point to that storage area so that your items can be safe. However,  if you store your stuff in other parts of the house, especially the garage, your things may be prone to damages due to the damp nature of most garages. 

Store your items with friends and families

In times like these, you can consider the option of keeping some of your things with trusted friends and family members. Although this might be tedious because you’d have to move your items to different locations separately, it still counts as an option. To prevent loss of things, you can keep a home inventory of the items you are moving to the locations. This way, you can quickly tell when something is missing from the list. A downside to this method of storing your things away is that while you can be confident your things are somewhat safe, you can’t guarantee that they are 100% secured and free from the risk of damages. 

Rent portable storage containers

This is somewhat similar to self-storage, only that your stuff remains in the container that you have packed them into. This works because you rent a storage container or containers depending on the volume of your properties and have them moved to a secured place. No one will move your items out of the container. They will remain as you have put them in and moved back to your home when you are ready to have them. 

How To Move Your Stuff Securely To Your Storage Location

Whether you choose to use self-storage or use your friend’s house as storage, you need to move your things securely and damage-free. Here are a few tips that can guide you in moving your items without trouble;

Use the proper packaging.

Usually, people pack their goods with boxes they already have around the house, which is perfectly fine if they don’t break. It would be unfortunate if the boxes carrying your prized record collection or expensive china disintegrates during the move. When packaging such items, use sturdy boxes. Almost all moving companies and storage facilities sell them.

Start room by room

The best way to store your items for a short period is with this method. Unpacking is a lot easier with it. Organize boxes from each room together when you put them into the self-storage unit. It will be less of a challenge when you bring it all back home.

Use color codes

Write the content of each box on the box. Using permanent markers is better than labels that may peel off. Choosing a different color marker for each room of the house can be a neat trick: green for the kitchen, red for the living room, etc. In this way, you will know exactly where each box should go at a glance.

Finally, before choosing any of the above methods, you need to ensure you do the following. Store properties away during renovation, consider the volume of your items, your budget, the nature of the items, length of time needed for the renovation, how safe the storage space is, and the accessibility and convenience of moving the stuff in and out of your apartment. That said, we hope you have a hassle-free, fun experience while renovating your home. 

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